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Zendaya and Tom Holland are on our hot couple list this week!

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Kiran Malik sure knows how to rock any look. We love her style sense!

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The Hungry Bare amazed us with their Bare Burger. Succulent beef, lots of cheese and in picketed in a soft brioche bun. A must-try for all the burger lovers out there!

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As it was is on our playlist this week!


Inflation reaches 13.76pc in May, highest in over two years.

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These chunky leather sandals from Lama are a must have. Can be paired with almost every outfit for a quirky look!

Over the past few years, Pakistani dramas have made huge progress, setting new standards for writing excellence, creativity, and realism. Therefore, if you’ve been wanting good television, log on to the internet and watch these programmes.


Humsafar is the most well-known Pakistani drama based on Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel. Directed by Sarmad Khoosat, story centres on Khirad (Mahira Khan) and Ashar (Fawad Khan) who are forced to get married to satisfy their parents’ wishes. They end up falling in love and developing the loveliest relationship. When her dream of living with Ashar doesn’t materialise, Sara (Naveen Waqar) makes it her top priority to split up the devoted couple.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is a Pakistani television series directed by Sultana Siddiqui. The show initially won over audiences with its good plot and original creative concept. Based on the novel by Umera Ahmad, the narrative focuses on gender bias and the disparity in wealth levels between classes. It was widely watched primarily in Pakistan and throughout the Indian subcontinent.


Based on Umera Ahmad’s novel, Shehr-e-Zaat is a 2012 Pakistani spiritual romantic drama serial. Falak (Mahira Khan) has lived in luxury and has never experienced any deprivation. Salman (Mikaal Zulfiqar), whom she falls in love with, is persuaded to marry her. Salman accepts, but when Falak finds out about Salman’s wrongdoing, her world begins to come crashing down. Falak soon discovers that she has only ever cared for material things, which perfectly illustrates how one’s relationship with a higher power can be captured in the series.


Daastan is a Pakistani TV series based on the novel Bano, by Razia Butt. The partition of the Indian Subcontinent and Pakistan’s subsequent independence separates Bano (Sanam Baloch) and Hassan (Fawad Khan), who fall in love. Bano is taken captive by a man in India who she thinks will eventually take her to Pakistan. While they are apart, Hassan proposes to Rabia (Mehreen Raheel). As someone tries to rape Bano when she returns, she is discouraged by Pakistan’s current situation. The tragedy of those who suffered significant losses during the partition is poignantly depicted in the show.


This family drama delicately examines the bonds between parents and children while telling the story of a joint family headed by the patriarch Agha Jaan (Abid Ali). It centres on the lives of Wali and Faarah, who were compelled to get married to reunite their family, which had long since disintegrated due to Agha Jaan’s eldest son Behroze, who broke off his lengthy engagement to marry his late-love interest. Due to the preservation of relationships in the story, it was deemed visually appealing for the male audience and received praise for its direction, cinematography, and visual effects.


Udaari is an Urdu and Punjabi language social Pakistani television series that was created and co-produced by Momina Duraid with Kashf Foundation for Hum TV. It highlighted deeply ingrained problems like child sexual abuse, sexism, and gender discrimination within these areas and focused on the social and economic marginalisation of citizens in Pakistani rural society.

Hot couple

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck just got hitched and we couldn’t be any happier for them!

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Alisha Adnan knows how to keep it simple yet sassy!


The Jalapeño Pizza by The Pantry by Polo Lounge is our comfort food for sure. It will knock your socks off!

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I ain’t worried by OneRepublic is a fun song that lifts up our spirits for sure!

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Monsoon rain spell has been hitting various parts of Pakistan. All concerned authorities have been warned and asked to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Being a brown girl means that you are always rushing around, simply trying to live up to the absurd standards that society has set for success. For brown girls, life resembles an impossible tunnel from which it is very challenging to escape.

Being a brown girl certainly has its ups and downs. Below we have listed daily struggles faced by a brown girl that will make you feel everything-laughter, tears, and head nods.

Privacy concerns

Being brown indicates that you probably have a large family, and it is more difficult to conceal things in a bigger family. You have no privacy at all, and you’ll always be found out no matter what you do.

Beta, When I was your age…

Growing up in a brown family, you’ll constantly be judged on how smart your parents were when they were kids. Your mothers will mostly tell you Beta, “When I was your age, I was already married.”

When is the baby coming?

Brown parents and aunties are obsessed with babies. Any girl who has been married recently will attest to being ruthlessly confronted with the disturbing inquiry, “Khushkhabri kab milnay wali hai?”

You will not find a groom if you are overaged

The obsession with young brides is high in our culture. In the context of marriage, a man’s age is never a subject of discussion. Only women in brown households are considered to be overaged and they often get to hear, No one would marry an ‘overaged’ girl!

Brown girl curfews

Being a brown girl has its challenges, including unfair judgment from aunts and uncles. Boys and girls have different curfews and every time girls attempt to stay up a little later than their curfew, they get to hear that phrase.

“Beta, it’s not you we don’t trust, it’s people we don’t trust”.

You can continue your studies after marriage

Brown parents consider their daughter’s marriage to be much more important than her academic career. Because of this, they save money for their daughter’s “big day” but not for her education. They even encourage her to think that once she has her “own house,” she can pursue her education if her husband and in-laws have “permitted” her. 

Fair skin obsession

Brown people are obsessed with fair skin and you will often come across a comment from an aunty telling you that “Put on this whitening cream or this home remedy is best to get fair skin.”

As a brown girl, can you relate to these struggles? Tell us in the comments below.

While women are always appreciated for their Eid looks, we also want to appreciate men who put their best foot forward this Eid-ul-Azha.

Yasser Dar donned an ivory shalwar kameez by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha. Love the fit!

Hashmi Ali creating art as always in a blue kurta with sunflowers on it. Cute!

Hussain Rehar kept it classy in all white paired with a brown peshawari chappal. Seems like white was a favourite amongst guys this Eid!

Another ivory look that we really like. Sachal Afzal looked dapper in that kurta!

Hassan Iqbal Rizvi looked radiant in a yellow kurta paired with white pyjama.

Tabesh Khoja looked super trendy in this monochrome fit!
Take cues from Yousaf Shahbaz how on to style a kurta unconventionally. This look is anything but basic!

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