Celebrate Eid with Paperazzi and draw inspiration from our favourite creators for a truly memorable Eid.

Is Eid Par Konsa Meetha Bnayen? 

Complete your Eid spread with sweetness! Cooking with Rida unveils her twist on Sheer Khurma, exclusively for Paperazzi followers. Make it for your friends, family or loved ones and enjoy! 

Your signature Eid look: 

Feeling unsure about your Eid outfit? Get inspired by Ayesha Hayat! Transform a solid ensemble from your wardrobe into your own signature Eid look by adding accessories. Solid outfits complement all body types flawlessly. 

DIY Eid Serving Table: 

This Eid, enchant your guests with a gorgeously adorned table, radiating springtime bliss, inspired by Meera’s Spring Eid setup. Gather an adjustable rod stand, artificial flowers, leaf vines, glass jars, jute twine, candles, Eid Mubarak standees, and your preferred dishes to create the perfect Eid table!

Minimal Henna Tutorial: 

Eid is incomplete without Henna! Rabail Jahan Afroz, known as The Henna Girl, has graciously provided a lovely and simple Henna tutorial. Get inspired by her expertise and embellish your hands with this exquisite henna design. 

Boys, take notes: 

Gentlemen, it’s your cue to channel Shahmeer Khan’s style this Eid. Dust off that white Kurta from your wardrobe, slip into your Kolhapuris, and capture moments in your Nani’s backyard. Share the memories on Insta with the hashtag #EidWithPaperazzi.

Nestled along MM Alam Road in Gulberg, Lahore, Kai-Nikkei Cuisine Restaurant beckons with its innovative fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, all within a stunning architectural masterpiece crafted by Architect INC. The restaurant’s design concept challenges convention, drawing inspiration from a parallel universe where the world is upside down, creating a mesmerizing ripple effect that permeates the ambiance with elements of Earth, water, and fire, evoking a sense of luxurious immersion.

Recently, we had the pleasure of experiencing Kai-Nikkei’s exclusive Ramadan All-You-Can-Eat Offer. From the vibrant Iftar Platter featuring dishes like Rock Shrimp Tempura, crispy Fried Wontons, and a refreshing Fruit Salad, to the irresistible main courses comprising Sushi, Teppanyaki, and Wok Specials, each dish presented a harmonious blend of flavours. Standout favorites included the aromatic Basil Chicken & Prawn Teppanyaki!

As if the savory offerings weren’t enough, the dessert menu elevated our dining experience to new heights. The Cardamom Milk Cake, infused with spices, and the heavenly Chocolate Fudge with Walnut Brownie & Vanilla Soft Serve transported us to a realm of pure indulgence.

What’s more, the Ramadan All-You-Can-Eat Offer, priced at just 5,950 Pakistani Rupees per person, offers exceptional value for those seeking to immerse themselves in a culinary adventure. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine dining or simply looking to explore new flavors, Kai-Nikkei Cuisine promises an unforgettable experience that is not to be missed.

Eid is on the horizon. Explore Paperazzi’s curated selection of top picks for the ultimate Eid gift guide.

Platters to die for: 

  • Cakery’s French Platter: 

Overflowing with Mini Boston Cream Doughnuts, Patties, Vol-au-Vents, Mini Tarts, Nutella Profiteroles, Turkey Club Sandwich, Cheese & Mushroom Quiche, Croissants, Parfait Bowl, and assorted spreads, it’s a feast fit for royalty. An ideal gift for Eid celebrations!

  • The Lotus Fold: 

Mahjabeen’s Lotus Food offers a tempting platter comprising Fajita Croissant Sandwiches, Katsu Chicken Wraps, Mushroom Vol au Vents, Hummus with Pita, and Carrots & Cucumber Sticks, all priced at Rs.4500, inclusive of gift wrapping. It’s an exceptional option to elevate your Eid festivities.


  • KAYA by Maria Basit Malik: 

KAYA by Maria Basit Malik offers stunning summer Kurtas featuring geometric designs, paired elegantly with silk scarves, making them an ideal present for celebrating summer Eid!

  • Generation: 

Generation has consistently been a beloved choice for Eid festivities. This GUL MEENA PHOOL KURTI, available at PKR 2,898, is another great Eid present choice. 


Project Rich Jewels makes exquisite, handcrafted pieces. The ultimate choice for an unforgettable Eid gift.


Ethnic offers the most beautiful khussas for Eid, making them the ideal gift for the occasion!

Home decor:  

The Mughal Art Tray by Custom Creations is an ideal Eid gift blending heritage and elegance.

Charitable donation: 

Make this Eid memorable by sharing your blessings with those in need!

  • Shakarganj Foundation: 

The Shakarganj organization is dedicated to advancing education, healthcare, home economics, arts, and crafts for the underprivileged communities across Jhang and Bhone. Support their endeavors by donating today!

Donate Now:

Shakarganj Foundation

MCB Bank Account #: 0124301010014225

  • The Giving Nest: 

The Giving Nest, formed by a group of nurturing mothers, strives to involve children in charitable acts, teaching them the value of making a positive impact. Join their cause by donating now and nurturing a generation of compassion and kindness.


Renowned for its display of contemporary and modern artworks, The Gallery offers a stunning painting by Bandah Ali, an ideal Eid gift for art aficionados.

Eid Cards:

 This Eid, transport your loved ones back in time with retro-style cards from Nine Lines, ensuring they feel like the VIPs they are.


  • Makeup: Searching for the perfect Eid gift for a beauty enthusiast? Consider Zahra Naveed’s Shiny Nude Lip Gloss, suitable for both Eid and everyday wear.
  • Spa/Salon: Rene Aesthetic Spa/Salon, is offering exclusive Ramadan vouchers. An exquisite Eid gift for relaxation and rejuvenation!

[Lahore] – 22 March 2024 – Allied Bank, in collaboration with Teamup Ventures, announces the third episode of its series of Fintech Hackathons. Following the success of the first two hackathons that witnessed the emergence of groundbreaking startups, Allied Bank and Teamup Ventures are once again bringing together innovators and entrepreneurs to drive digital transformation in the banking sector.

The Allied Bank Fintech Hackathon will continue its tradition of fostering innovation and collaboration among participants. With a focus on addressing key challenges and opportunities in the Fintech landscape, this year’s hackathon will feature four thematic areas:

  • Innovative Authentication Mechanisms
  • Transforming ‘myABL’ into an ‘Integrated Digital Platform’
  • Integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence to Improve Banking Services & Customer Experience
  • Leveraging SBP’s Raast Payment

The Hackathon will provide participants with a platform to develop and showcase innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of customers in the digital age. Allied Bank’s continued efforts to host these hackathons underscores its commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional digital experiences to its customers.

Reflecting on the success of the previous Hackathons, Mohsin Mithani, Chief Digital Officer at Allied Bank Limited, commented, The Fintech Hackathon has been instrumental in fostering innovation and nurturing emerging talent in the Fintech ecosystem. Such events provide an excellent opportunity to engage with the broader Fintech community and explore innovative solutions that can drive meaningful change in the banking industry. We look forward to seeing the groundbreaking solutions that participants will develop this year.”

Zouhair Abdul Khaliq, Founder and CEO at Teamup Ventures, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “The Allied Bank Fintech Hackathon has become a flagship event in the fintech community, providing a platform for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are excited to partner with Allied Bank once again and support the next generation of Fintech innovators.”

Applications for the 3rd Allied Bank Fintech Hackathon are now open, and interested participants can register at until 28th April 2024. Problem solvers and innovators from across the country are encouraged to apply, and selected participants will have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes worth a total of PKR 3 million, mentorship opportunities, and potential collaboration with Allied Bank Limited.

For more information about the 3rd Allied Bank Fintech Hackathon, please visit

About Allied Bank Limited: Allied Bank Limited is one of the largest banks in Pakistan, offering a wide range of financial products and services to individuals, corporations, and institutions. With a focus on innovation and digital transformation, Allied Bank is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving positive change in the banking industry.

About Teamup Ventures: Teamup Ventures is a leading innovation hub and venture builder dedicated to supporting startups and entrepreneurs in the Middle East and South Asia. Through its network of mentors, investors, and corporate partners, Teamup Ventures empowers startups to scale and succeed in today’s competitive market.

As the Pakistan Day Sale by Ideas commences, shoppers across the country are gearing up for an exciting opportunity to revamp their wardrobes with up to 50% off on all categories. With the season of Ramadanin full swing, this sale couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune moment.

Ramadan is not just a time for spiritual reflection but also a time for joyous family gatherings, special iftar celebrations, and preparing for Eid festivities. For many, it’s a time to refresh their wardrobes, as they seek outfits that reflect the significance and spirit of the season.

At the Ideas Pakistan Day Sale, shoppers will find an extensive array of options to cater to their diverse needs and preferences. From traditional attire such as vibrant shalwar kameez sets and elegant lawn suits to modern ensembles that blend style with comfort, there’s something for everyone.

Men can explore a wide range of options, from classic kurta pajamas to contemporary casual wear. Meanwhile, women can indulge in the latest trends in ethnic wear, including intricately embroidered outfits and breezy summer ensembles. The kids collection is equally impressive, featuring adorable outfits that are perfect for all the upcoming festivities.

What sets the Ideas Pakistan Day Sale apart is not just the diversity of options but also the convenience it offers to shoppers. In addition to visiting physical stores, customers can browse and shop the entire range from the comfort of their homes through With just a few clicks, they can explore the latest arrivals, compare prices, and make their purchases with ease.

For many, the Pakistan Day Sale is not just about updating their wardrobes but also about making thoughtful purchases that align with their values. Ideas, as a brand, is known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and affordability. By choosing to shop during this sale, customers can enjoy significant savings without compromising on the quality and style they’ve come to expect from the brand.

Ideas Pakistan Day Sale presents an unparalleled opportunity to refresh your wardrobes, embrace new styles, and make this festive season truly memorable. Whether it’s finding the perfect outfit for a special iftar gathering or selecting elegant attire for Eid celebrations, the sale offers something for every occasion and taste.

In conclusion, don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your style and make the most of the Ideas 23rd March Sale. Visit your nearest store or explore the online platform today to take advantage of the incredible discounts and refresh your wardrobe for the festive season ahead.

Summer whites and floral:

Pair these bouquet inspired slides with your favorite white shalwar kameez and you’re set!

Eid Glam:

Mark the occasion of Eid in utmost elegance with Liyana slides embellished with charming daisy florals and delicate micro crystals, set against a gradient of gold and silver hues. Whether complementing intricately embroidered attire or elegantly understated ensembles like Shalwar Kameez or Pishwas, these slides epitomize perfection!

Everyday Oomph:

Elevate your casual floral sets with these clear slides adorned with a glistening gold gem for effortless style.

Evening Elegance:

Elevate your summer dinners with a Luxury Lawn outfit paired with sparkling slides. Simply splendid!

Summer Wedding:

For a stylish summer wedding vibe without going too formal, rock a simple outfit paired with these slides.

In the realm of Pakistani fashion, GulAhmed stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication, weaving together timeless elegance with contemporary trends. With a legacy spanning several decades, the brand has consistently set the bar high with its commitment to quality, innovation, and trendsetting designs. As the summer sun casts its warm glow, GulAhmed unveils its much-anticipated Summer Lawn Collection 2024, offering a breathtaking array of two-piece lawn dresses that seamlessly blend style, comfort, and versatility.

Here are the key features that make these ensembles stand out:

Exquisite Designs:

With GulAhmed, diversity is the hallmark. Each two-piece lawn suit boasts a plethora of designs, ranging from traditional motifs to contemporary patterns. Whether you prefer intricate embroidery, bold geometric prints, or delicate floral motifs, GulAhmed has something to cater to every taste and preference. From classic elegance to modern chic, these designs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every ensemble is a masterpiece in its own right.

Premium Quality Fabric:

Crafted from the finest quality lawn fabric, GulAhmed’s two-piece suits offer a luxurious feel and unmatched comfort. Known for its lightweight and breathable properties, lawn fabric is the perfect choice for the sweltering summer months, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Despite its lightweight nature, GulAhmed’s lawn fabric is incredibly durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your favorite ensembles retain their beauty and shape wash after wash.

Versatility Personified:

 One of the most remarkable features of GulAhmed’s two-piece lawn suits is their unparalleled versatility. Whether you’re attending a daytime soiree, a casual brunch with friends, or a formal dinner, these ensembles effortlessly transition from day to night with ease. Pair them with statement accessories and heels for an evening affair, or dress them down with sandals and a tote bag for a laid-back daytime look.

At the forefront of the collection is the off-white two-piece unstitched dress adorned with a tropical design and bursts of vibrant colors. Perfect for sunny days and balmy evenings, this outfit exudes effortless charm and sophistication, making it a must-have for every fashion-forward woman.

For those who prefer a more understated yet elegant look, the light grey two-piece unstitched dress with green print is an ideal choice. The subtle green print against the serene grey backdrop evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

For the free-spirited souls, GulAhmed Summer Collection 2024 presents a black two-piece unstitched dress adorned with a springy boho print and paired with striped trousers. This ensemble exudes laid-back sophistication and bohemian charm, making it a versatile addition to any summer wardrobe.

Embrace the vibrant hues of spring with GulAhmed’s orange two-piece unstitched dress featuring floral prints. Radiating warmth and vitality, this ensemble is perfect for ushering in the new season with style and grace. Pair it with your favorite accessories for a chic and feminine look that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go.

For a timeless and classic look, opt for the blue and white two-piece shirt with a printed lawn dupatta. The serene blue hues paired with intricate prints exude sophistication and charm, making it a versatile ensemble for any occasion. Whether you’re attending a daytime soiree or a formal dinner, this outfit is sure to make a lasting impression.

Lastly, indulge in the timeless beauty of GulAhmed’s red two-piece unstitched lawn dress adorned with white floral prints. Effortlessly elegant and eternally chic, this ensemble is a testament to GulAhmed’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable style. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a day out with friends, this outfit is sure to make you feel like a true fashion icon.

With GulAhmed’s Summer Essential Lawn Collection 2024, you can elevate your summer style quotient effortlessly. Shop online now and avail of Ideas flat shipping rate of PKR 99 across Pakistan. Plus, with Ideas’ 30-day worry-free exchange policy, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with GulAhmed’s stunning two-piece lawn suits and embrace the summer season in style.

Women’s Day, celebrated worldwide on March 8th, stands as a testament to the tireless efforts and remarkable achievements of women across the globe. It’s a day that not only acknowledges the progress made towards gender equality but also serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges yet to be overcome. 

As we commemorate this day, let us take a moment to recognize and celebrate the inspiring women who are making a significant impact in their respective fields.

Adeela Liaquat Ali Khan – Corporate Affairs & Engagement Director at L’Oréal Pakistan

Adeela Liaquat Ali Khan, the Corporate Affairs & Engagement Director at L’Oréal Pakistan, embodies the very essence of women’s empowerment. Her exemplary leadership and dedication have not only propelled her to professional success but have also paved the way for countless other women to pursue their dreams.

Adeela’s philosophy extends far beyond personal achievement. Her efforts at L’Oréal Pakistan resonate deeply with a dedication to championing diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality. Through strategic initiatives and genuine engagement, she fosters a culture that celebrates the unique journeys of individuals, believing that “Empowerment is not about climbing the ladder of success alone; it’s about lifting others as we rise.”

Sania Maskatiya – Creative Head of the Brand, Sania Maskatiya

In the realm of fashion, Sania Maskatiya’s name stands out as a beacon of empowerment and creativity. Her innovative designs and unwavering commitment to excellence have garnered her widespread recognition. 

The brand, Sania Maskatiya, stands as a testament to the richness and diversity of Pakistani design. Their creations celebrate the intricate embroidery, vibrant colors, and luxurious fabrics that define the country’s sartorial heritage. By showcasing Pakistani craftsmanship on international platforms like New York Fashion Week, the brand not only promotes cultural exchange but also challenges stereotypes and fosters greater appreciation for global diversity.

Sania herself fearlessly pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms. Her passion and determination demonstrate that creativity knows no bounds. Through her work, she not only celebrates the beauty of diversity but also empowers women to embrace their individuality and thrive in a world brimming with possibilities. As Sania aptly states, “Fashion has the power to break barriers and empower women to embrace their true selves. On Women’s Day and every day, let’s celebrate the strength and resilience of women worldwide.”

Nitasha Syed: Host of Digital Web Show, Shaam Ki Chai

Nitasha Syed, the driving force behind the digital show “Shaam Ki Chai,” is a relentless advocate for both women’s empowerment and cultural appreciation. Her journey exemplifies resilience and passion, transitioning from a Senior Product Manager to a champion of Pakistani narratives. Through “Shaam Ki Chai,” she cultivates a platform where diverse female voices converge, sparking meaningful dialogue and fostering understanding. 

Nitasha recognizes that empowering women extends beyond providing a voice; it’s about ensuring their voices are heard, respected, and celebrated as catalysts for positive change. “Empowering women isn’t just about giving them a voice; it’s about ensuring their voices are heard, respected, and celebrated as catalysts for change,” she emphasizes.

Zaineb Shah – Chef and Proprietor of the Fine Dining Restaurant, The Fig Tree. 

Zaineb Shah, the visionary force behind The Fig Tree, illuminates the path of women’s empowerment through her culinary mastery. With a fervent passion for food and creativity, Zaineb’s culinary journey began at a young age, sparking a lifelong dedication to the art of cooking that has refined her skills and cultivated a palate that marries tradition with innovation, setting her cuisine apart in the bustling culinary scene.

Beyond her masterful dishes, Zaineb champions the vital role women play in shaping the culinary world. Recognizing the challenges they face, she advocates for their empowerment, encouraging them to pursue their culinary dreams without limitations. Her own journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, proving that dedication and unwavering determination can shatter barriers and pave the way for success.

“True empowerment for women,” Zaineb says, “comes from embracing the freedom to innovate, create, and inspire. Through The Fig Tree, I strive to empower women by reshaping the culinary landscape, celebrating their strength, and nurturing their creativity.”

Mahgul Rashid – Creative Director of the Brand, Mahgul

With an acute eye for design and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mahgul has revolutionized Pakistani fashion with her unique aesthetic. Her journey into the realm of creative direction began with an innate passion for art and design, cultivated since her earliest days. Under her guidance, Mahgul has emerged as a brand synonymous with contemporary elegance and timeless allure.

For Mahgul, fashion transcends mere clothing; it is a medium through which women can express their individuality and assert their identity. Through her designs, she not only celebrates the beauty of femininity but also empowers women to embrace their unique essence with confidence and grace. “In the tapestry of fashion, every stitch tells a story of strength and resilience. As women, we wield the power to shape narratives and inspire change through our style and creativity.” 

As we celebrate Women’s Day, let us honor and celebrate the inspiring women like Adeela Liaquat Ali Khan, Sania Maskatiya, Nitasha Syed, Zaineb Shah, and Mahgul Rashid whose unwavering dedication and leadership continue to pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive world.

Burning Brownie gained popularity in Islamabad and has now expanded its offerings to Lahore. The extensive menu at Burning Brownie includes cakes, pastries, cheesecakes, brownies, and much more. The menu also features breakfast options.  

We sampled the Pain Perdu, Omelet, and Scrambled Eggs from the breakfast menu. The omelet was perfectly cooked and fluffy with onions, sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, jalapeños, mushrooms, and cheese. Served alongside grilled tomatoes, air-roasted potatoes, sausages, fresh green salad, and white bread, it was a treat for the taste buds.

Equally satisfying were the softly set scrambled eggs, complemented by sautéed potatoes, roasted tomatoes, sausages, fresh green salad, and white bread – a comforting and flavorful combination.

A standout among the breakfast offerings was the PAIN PERDU, stealing the show with its golden-brown slices, expertly caramelized to achieve a delightful crispness on the outside and a soft interior. It was paired with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of maple syrup. 

While our appetites were satiated with the breakfast choices, we couldn’t resist exploring Burning Brownie’s renowned desserts. Opting for the Burning Brownie cheesecake, hazelnut pastry, and a selection of other tempting treats, we were thoroughly impressed by the quality and finesse of each dessert.

On a radiant Sunday evening, the renowned Sadaf Fawad Khan took center stage to unveil the much-anticipated ‘SIRAA Luxury Lawn ’24’ collection. The event, flawlessly coordinated by the talented Shireen Rehman, witnessed a dazzling turnout, with notable figures gracing the occasion, including the stunning Hikmat sisters, Aymen and Ammara, alongside the graceful Mariyam Nafees and many more.

We thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgic elements, from gajre to paan and tulsi. Gully Bites treated us to scrumptious Gujarati puri and refreshing strawberry juice.

As the evening unfolded, attendees were treated to the enchanting melodies of Zeeshan Ali, elevating the event’s allure. The perfect synergy of fashion and musical artistry marked the debut of SIRAA Luxury Lawn ’24 as an unforgettable experience.

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