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Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber. Their relationship has been rumoured since their appearance on Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival but we’re low-key praying they’re a thing. They make a hot couple indeed!


The Beef bulgogi at Noon Bistro is packed with flavours. We love us a meal that’s delish yet nutritious, don’t we?


Kahani Suno by Kaifi Khalil is an underrated gem we recently discovered. The lyrics, the melody, oof! Super proud of our local artists changing the music game here.

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The Huarache Sandals by SaazbyAleena are so chic yet comfy. The neutral colour palette can be paired with various outfits!


Cobra kai’s new season is out now. If you’re a karate kid fan from the 90s, this show has the same cast and is a treat to watch!

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We’re obsessed with the beautifully handcrafted clothes & table linen from Livecalico. The colour palette, prints and embroideries would make a style statement for sure!

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Kim Jones x Fendi SS23 is all about silk skirts and dresses paired with sweaters. We’re digging this combo for sure!

Levi’s® just launched the next iteration of its “Buy Better, Wear Longer” campaign which builds on the brand’s long-term commitment to making fashion more sustainable and prolonging the lifespan of its products. Levi’s® is on a mission to help consumers love their jeans for decades, not seasons.

To support this effort, Levi’s® created a cinematic short film from the perspective of a pair of Levi’s that tells a multigenerational story: the film takes us through the life of Levi’s most iconic design, the 501. Transformed through the decades with each owner, adapting to the style of the times, the 501 is just as relevant, and wearable today as it was in the 1960s.

“The campaign speaks to Levi’s® legacy, durability, and appeal to a broad global audience. A pair of Levi’s® ages beautifully, engaging generation after generation, with a few tweaks and changes. Timeless and versatile, yet fashionable — no matter the decade. This message is more relevant today than ever before, when we’re all thinking how we can contribute to a more sustainable future” – Karen Riley-Grant, Global Chief Marketing Officer

The Buy Better, Wear Longer campaign is both a plea and a promise. It’s a plea for consumers to be more intentional about their purchasing decisions and to look for ways to rewear, repurpose, and hold on to their clothes as long as possible, before passing them down to future generations. And it’s a commitment from the brand to continue its work on numerous fronts to be responsible stewards of the natural resources we use, to innovate across its design and manufacturing platforms to become more sustainable, and to move towards more circular products and practices across the board.

Climate, consumption, and community are at the core of our approach to sustainability, and Levi’s® is pursuing a variety of initiatives to support this vision: Investment in materials such as Cottonized Hemp and Organic Cotton, which reduce water consumption and pioneering Water<Less® manufacturing in denim. Most of all, Levi’s® has open-sourced their learnings and tools to affect broader change. Today, Levi’s continues to work alongside partners and leaders like Fashion for Good and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to help shift the industry to a more circular model and Levi’s® R&D lab, WellThread®, constantly searches for radical new ways to make clothes that can reduce its environmental footprint.

“Reconfiguring supply chains takes time but we have found partners that are as concerned about their footprint, and are as excited to experiment as us. These collaborations have allowed us to introduce more circularity in how we make our products.” – Paul Dillinger, Vice President, Head of Global Product Innovation.

The Buy Better, Wear Longer short film is available to view (HERE), andhas launched worldwide across digital and social platforms. To build on their message, Levi’s® will also highlight stories from their partners and changemakers XiyeBastida, MelatiWijsen, and Emma Chamberlain, who have been an integral part of thecampaign since its launch last year and represent the next generation of voices on sustainability. For more information on Levi’s sustainability efforts, please visit We havealso released our new sustainability report and an expanded slate of sustainability goals.

Levi’s® Buy Better, Wear Longer Short Film HERE.

Levi’s® Buy Better, Wear Longer BTS Video HERE.

About the Levi’s® brand

The Levi’s brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since their invention by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1873, Levi’s jeans have become one of the most recognizable garments of clothing in the world—capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. Today, the Levi’s brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Our range of leading jeanswear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries, allowing individuals around the world to express their personal style. For more information about the Levi’s brand, its products and stores, please visit

Cheating has always existed, from high school students to millionaire actors. However, the year 2022 witnessed several high-profile cases that brought cheating to light.

It can be terrible to learn your lover has cheated. You may experience hurt, rage, sadness, or even physical sickness. But more than anything, you might be asking, “Why?”

Cheating is rarely an easy process. People cheat for a variety of reasons, and the patterns are more nuanced than typical stereotypes would imply. A thorough investigation turned out eight main causes: resentment, low self-worth, lack of love, lack of commitment, need for variety, neglect, sexual desire, and setting or circumstance. These reasons not only affected why people cheated, but also how long they cheated, how much they enjoyed the affair, how much emotion they invested in the affair, and if their primary relationship ended as a result.

In general, the thrilling sensation of being in love with someone doesn’t continue forever. When you initially fall in love with someone, receiving a text from them could cause you to feel passionate, ecstatic, and dopamine-rush. But these emotions typically lose some of their influence with time. Yes, there is solid, enduring love. However, those butterflies from the first date will only get you so far. You may conclude that the love simply isn’t there once the glitter wears off. Or perhaps you realize that you love someone else.

Even the opportunity of cheating increases the likelihood of infidelity. This does not imply that everyone who has the chance to cheat will. The desire to cheat is frequently increased by other conditions, albeit not always.

Intimacy demands in a relationship can occasionally be unsatisfied by one or both partners. Especially if the relationship is otherwise gratifying, many people decide to stay in it in the hopes that things will change. Unmet needs, though, might cause frustration, which might get worse if things don’t get better. This might encourage you to find other ways to satisfy those demands.

In some circumstances, cheating may be more prevalent in people who struggle with commitment. Additionally, not everyone defines commitment in the same way. Two people in a relationship could have quite different perceptions of the status of their union, including whether it should be considered casual, exclusive, etc.

Cheating can be terrible and even damaging, but it can also be a gift. It could be that you’ve been valuing your connection less than you should have, or you’ve now realized that your relationship has been broken for a long time. In any case, it’s time to give yourself or your partner more attention.

Mahnoor Rahim is a model and a curly hair influencer who didn’t know her hair was curly until 2018 and would straighten it every day for university just like everyone else. Her styling and hair videos are packed with fun vibes and are a treat to watch.

What makes her stand out is the tips and advice she gives to people who have curly hair and don’t know what to do with them. She helps people embrace their natural curly/wavy texture using an easy version of the Curly Girl Method, CGM as we know it. There’s always been a stigma around curly hair for being unruly, “chirya ka ghonsla”, unprofessional, and wild as beauty standards start and end with straight blow-dried hair, that’s what Mahnoor is set out to break.

Cancel your keratin appointment! It’s not worth it. Read this article where she shares super easy steps on how to manage and take care of curly hair.

Step 1: Wash

Wash and condition your hair as normal. I suggest using curl-friendly products like Coco Curls.

Step 2: Take Gel or Curl Cream

Apply a dime-sized curl cream or gel or both together for each section of your hair. Here I’m using a curl cream from Curl Lit. Make sure your hair is soaking wet throughout the process.

Step 3: Apply

Rake it through your hair like this, in a praying hand motion. Again, hair needs to be really wet, this helps keep frizz away.

Step 4: Squish and Dry

 Squish or scrunch your hair like this, let them air dry and you’re done! You can also squish your hair with a silk scarf or a cotton t-shirt to get rid of excess product and water.

Step 5: You are done

Voila! You are done. Flaunt your curls with confidence.

Golden milk is a heated beverage made with milk, turmeric, and additional spices for flavor or health benefits. Golden milk is utilized as a medicinal elixir in the age-old, conventional Ayurvedic medical system. It gets its name from the color of the spice turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  It is also referred to as turmeric tea or “Haldi doodh.”

Due to the addition of yellow turmeric to white milk, the beverage has a striking gold color. Due to its distinctive appearance, it has become increasingly frequent at specialised grocery stores around the nation as well as speciality coffee shops that advertise it as a “turmeric latte.”


The potential benefits of golden milk include:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prevents cell damage
  • Possibly reduces the risk of cancer
  • Boosts immune system
  • Aids digestion
  • Improves bone health
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract

How to make Golden Milk?


1 cup whole milk

1 teaspoon turmeric powder, or to taste

3 to 4 whole black peppercorns

1 pinch of cardamom powder

½ tsp ground cinnamon powder

1 pinch of ground ginger

2 teaspoons Raw honey, or to taste


In a small saucepan, combine milk, cardamom powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, ground ginger, and black peppercorns. Set over medium-high heat and bring just to boiling. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer gently for 10 minutes, or until the milk is a golden color and has a lightly spiced flavor. Remove from the heat and pour the golden milk through a fine mesh strainer into a mug. Sweeten to taste with honey and dust with cinnamon if desired. Serve hot. 

Fall has a way of always feeling like a new beginning. What better way to channel that than with the coolest fall haircuts for 2022?

The best thing about transitioning into fall is that it’s the ideal time to experiment with a new haircut, whether that means drastically cutting off all your chlorine-damaged ends or adding new layers to bring attention to your best features while also freshening your present length.

We have compiled the best fall haircuts for various hair lengths.

Draped Layers:

Face-framing layers often referred to as draped layers, were popular in the 1990s and the first decade of the 2000s. For a striking appearance, the layers should be clipped around your face at various lengths to highlight your features. The pro explains that the thin styling cream acts as a heat protector while providing hold and gloss. You may get the bouncy movement in front by using a round brush, which should be rubbed inward to highlight all the layers around the face.

Sliced Bob:

The sliced bob, a short to a medium haircut that is trimmed in a blunt length to appear both traditional and trendy, is popular among celebrities. Using a pair of scissors to cut through the hair’s ends, is accomplished while maintaining a blunt overall outline and giving the hair shape rather than layers. A hair oil and serum that will make the hair pop, keep it hydrated, and prevent breaking at the corners are what stylists advise for a salon-style finish.

Curtain Bangs:

Want to alter without sacrificing length? A set of curtain bangs may completely transform any hairdo.

Curtain bangs keep their length while bringing a fresh punch to the face, emphasizing the eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

For a more “always framed” appearance, they can start shorter from the brow arch to the nose, or longer around the lip and nose tip for a more adaptable curtain that can be tucked and pulled back.

The Shag:

The shag continues to be a popular hairstyle season after season because few haircuts are as adaptable as it. The style suits all hair textures and can be worn with or without bangs. 

With carved-out petals and shorter spherical layers across the crown, you may add easy movement, a rock-and-roll spirit, and low-maintenance styling. Although it can work for straighter textures as well, it is ideal for individuals with waves and curls.

Classic Bangs

Bangs in the summer’s heat and humidity are only for the strong-willed, but sporting fringe in the fall’s cooler temperatures is considerably easier. Furthermore, bangs are a simple approach to update your appearance without doing a major makeover. Making the decision to trim your bangs can be intimidating, but fall is the ideal season if you’re itching for some face-framing fringe.

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No one does Chikankari Kurtas like Image. This pink chikankari kurta can be dressed up or down to be worn on several occasions.


The Wholegrain Steak from Pretaplate Cafe is tender, juicy & full of flavours. Brownie points for the whole grain mustard sauce served with it!

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Energy by Beyoncé is our jam for the week. We can’t stop grooving!

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The motia scented candle by Scented Stories Candles is a love language indeed. We love enjoying our morning tea with the motia aroma around the room.

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Things between Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, and Gigi Hadid, 27, are reportedly stirring up.

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The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2 is out now and we’ve been enjoying all those dramatic stakes, conflicts & interpersonal relationships.


33 million Pakistanis have been displaced due to flood caused by climate changes. It is estimated that the total damage caused by floods is around $18.5 billion, including 6500km of road network and 1.7 million homes. The government and several organisations have raised funds, still a lot more is needed to provide shelter and sustenance to these people. Donate to the trusted organisations to help them out!

One of the biggest advantages of internet is that we all have access to a wealth of knowledge.  You can utilise this knowledge to educate yourself more and improve your chances of landing one of the greatest jobs.

The internet has a lot to offer, whether you’re five or 95. The internet is a wealth of information, especially when it comes to schooling. The best part is that a lot of top-notch websites are totally free.

Here are 7 exceptional websites where you can access hundreds of academic courses without paying a dime.


Codeacademy is an interactive platform that teaches students how to code in multiple different programming languages. Most free courses can be completed in less than 11 hours. Codeacademy also offers a premium plan for a monthly fee. Codeacademy has helped train more than 45 million learners in topics such as web development, programming, computer science and data science. Codeacademy alums work at Google, Facebook, IBM and Bloomberg, among other top companies.


Coursera has more than 35 million students, 150 university partners, 2,700 courses, 250 specialties, and four degrees. Coursera provides paid courses in addition to free ones, with prices typically ranging from $29 to $99. The cost of degrees and specializations is higher. Experts from the best colleges and universities in the globe teach the courses, which also feature recorded video lectures, public discussion forums, and graded and peer-reviewed coursework. For each course you pass, you can also get a certificate.

Khan Academy

A non-profit organisation called Khan Academy says its goal is to “give a free, world-class education for everyone, anywhere.  For children in kindergarten through the early stages of college, Khan Academy provides free lessons on a variety of subjects, including arithmetic, language, science and history.


The three impediments to traditional education—cost, location, and access—have been addressed by edX, a nonprofit organisation founded by Harvard and MIT. More than 20 million students are enrolled in 2,400 courses offered by the majority of the world’s top universities through edX.


A global education marketplace called Udemy has 30 million users, 100,000 courses in 50 different languages, 42,000 instructors, and 22 million video lesson minutes. Udemy enables content creators to design their own courses and deliver them online, in contrast to other online education sites that rely on content from institutions and universities.


Stanford Online is an education initiative at Stanford University that offers free online courses as well as other professional certificates, advanced degrees and executive education. Stanford Online offers courses from Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate schools, including Stanford Law School, Stanford Business School and Stanford Medical School, among others.


The modern learning portal Skillshare offers 26,000+ courses and an equally stylish app. The video content is of the highest calibre, as would be expected from a platform featuring renowned professors from the fields of leadership and entrepreneurship as well as media, design, art, and technology.

By providing practical projects and community-based learning, Skillshare sets itself apart. When you have a community of like-minded students nearby, you can easily stay motivated. Skillshare offers a selection of courses for free during the free trial to their premium subscription.

Mahnoor Latif is a corporate lawyer and fashion content creator based in Lahore. Branded as the “edgymassi” her style embodies effortless chic, all the while presenting the real, unfiltered version of our daily self. She shares ways to maximize your wardrobe, experiments with fusion attire, and talks about sustainable fashion.

T-shirts can serve a lot more purposes than just serving as your go-to outfit for couch surfing. You can incorporate them into a stylish layering look or dress them up with a saree. The options are essentially limitless. Here are five creative and interesting ways to style a white t-shirt, shared by Maham.

Summer Burst:

The summer season is all about bright, vibrant colours and if you’re looking to wear a statement item (like orange trousers) then a plain white t-shirt is the ideal clothing to bring a clean break to your outfit. Pair it with white sandals and perhaps a light white coat (if you’re feeling brave), and you’ve got your hero piece shining bright like the sun.

Date Night:

The white t-shirt provides the perfect modest way of wearing a corset as an outer. When paired with high-waisted wide-leg pants, it accentuates the curves of your body and gives a balanced proportion to the overall look. I’ve opted for flats to give a more casual look, but you can switch them for heels to give extra oomph.

Saari Affair:

 Add a modern twist to the classic black saari. Elevate your black saari by pairing a black corset with your white t-shirt and you’ll get that black and white film vibes. Layer with traditional and modern accessories to complete the look and you’re ready to strut the streets.

Swan Effect:

You can never go wrong with an all-white outfit – it works for all seasons. Pair with any coloured shoes and you’ll add just the right amount of colour to not let your outfit feel dull.

Casual Outings:

 Nothing screams comfort like overalls. Keep the look fresh with a white t-shirt, white joggers and maybe a dark-coloured cardigan (for winters) and voila, you’re officially a Gilmore Girl.

In January 2021, Alice Bender used TikTok to make baby sleep popular. Bender, who was 21 at the time, spoke on her iPhone camera while holding her 5-month-old baby, Fern, in his nursery and explaining why he didn’t have a crib. She claimed, “We literally buy these small baby jail cells so that we can just walk away and put our baby in there. “I don’t have a crib because I’ll never make my child go to bed at a certain hour. Babies are people, too, and it’s cruel to make someone go to bed when they’re not exhausted. Imagine if your partner forced you to go to bed even though you weren’t exhausted and confined you in a space you couldn’t escape from. You would probably abandon them since that would be abusive.

A lop-eared bunny hopped on the ground in the distance next to a piece of white wooden furniture that resembled a crib but was just a few inches off the ground and was missing half of one side. According to Bender, a floor bed enables a baby to sleep when they want to sleep and get up and walk around when they don’t.

Before Bender took it down, the post had more than 7 million views, garnered international attention, and sparked a tonne of tweets (“Next week on this lady’s tik tok: why I let my 5-month child drive”). She continued to give suggestions for baby sleep though. She wrote, “There’s no such thing as sleep training,” in a post from August 2021, and Bender pointed to the words as music played. But it is possible to train a child who was left to die.

A parent from the past would find a lot of this video’s content to be confusing. (That item in her living room that resembles a drying rack with a ramp on it is actually a Pikler triangle, a climbing toy for babies linked with Montessori that acquired popularity on social media during the epidemic and has a retail price of close to $600.) But some information would be well known. #cryitout is one of the hashtags used in the article and it alludes to a technique that was first mentioned in the book The Care and Feeding of Children written by doctor L. 1894: Emmett Holt. According to Holt, if a baby is weeping at night and nothing appears to be amiss, “it should just be allowed to ‘cry it out.'”

Depending on the particular approach, this practice is now known as sleep training, progressive extinction, or Ferberization, but the basic idea hasn’t changed. Because babies can’t tell the difference between day and night at birth and can’t calm themselves, parents must educate them to fall asleep. Bender’s movies represent the “gentle parenting” school of thinking, which is skeptical of anything as strict as “teaching” your child. Following the baby’s lead in deciding when to sleep and wake up is a key component of gentle parenting.

Parents are still engaged in this struggle more than a century after Holt’s book was published. The discussion is taking place on TikTok, where Team Sleep Training is broadcasting its own chicly crafted propaganda, as well as in Facebook groups, Reddit threads, Instagram comments, and other places.

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