Are you in the market for a great duvet cover set that is both stylish and functional? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post we will take an in-depth look at some of the best designs on offer, exploring why they are so popular and which ones would be perfect for sprucing up your bedroom.

From classic florals to sleek modern prints, there is something here for everyone – no matter what your personal style may be! Let’s dive right into the world of duvet cover sets by Ideas and find out which ones you should buy today!

Moon Vista T-300 Duvet Cover Set

Moon Vista is a design worth checking out. Made of 100% cotton, this duvet cover set is durable, breathable and soft. The cream ethnic print on a purple base is beautiful and will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. The sheets are available in Double and King sizes.

Coal T-150 Duvet Cover Set

Looking for a bedding set that will offer you both comfort and style? Look no further than Coal! This 150-thread count duvet cover set is made from Easy Care fabric, which is durable and affordable. The set is wrinkle resistant, so you can spend less time fussing with them and more time enjoying your sleep. Available in tones of gray, muted gold, and white, our bedding set will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Offered in Single, Double, and King sizes, Coal is the perfect fit for your bed.

White Leopard T-150 Duvet Cover Set

Bring some nature-inspired comfort and style to your bedding setup with White Leopard’s affordable duvet set! The durable, Easy Care fabric is wrinkle resistant so you won’t have to spend more time maintaining than enjoying it. Find the perfect size for any bed – Single, Double or King – making sure each night of restful sleep will be just as chic as it is cozy.

Mist T-150 Duvet Cover Set

Upgrade your bedroom today with the Mist Easy Care Duvet Cover set. The quilt cover and pillow cases combo brings a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any home, as well as convenience and affordability – all in one package! The machine washable fabric is wrinkle resistant for an inviting sleep space that requires little effort on your part. With sizes ranging from Single to King, these durable yet affordable sheets make the ideal upgrade for anybody looking to liven up their room.

Merlot T-200 Duvet Cover Set

Get a great night’s sleep and rest your head on the softest bed linens—Merlot. Crafted from 100% cotton for an unbeatable combination of comfort, durability, and wrinkle-resistance in every luxury set. The vibrant print featuring gold cultural motifs on royal red base will instantly dress up any bedroom. The set is available in Single to King sizes so everyone can enjoy! And with machine-washability convenience included, Merlot is sure to become one of your top picks soon enough.

Duvet cover sets are a necessary part of any home and Ideas Home has the best selection for all budgets. With dozens of gorgeous prints to choose from, there is something for everyone at Ideas Home. Shop online today at and pay only 99 rupees for home delivery in Pakistan. Don’t miss out on these great designs!

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, is a type of depression caused by long, gloomy winter days. SAD begins and finishes at roughly the same period each year. If you’re like most SAD sufferers, your symptoms begin in the fall and last into the winter, draining your energy and making you cranky. These symptoms usually go away in the spring and summer.

SAD induces depression less frequently in the spring or early summer and resolves in the fall or winter. Symptoms specific to winter-onset SAD, sometimes called winter depression, may include oversleeping, appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates, weight gain, tiredness, or low energy.


Seasonal affective disorder’s exact cause is unclear. Some of the things that may come into play are as follows:

Your biological timer (circadian rhythm). Winter-onset SAD may be caused by the decreasing amount of sunlight in the fall and winter. This lack of sunshine may cause your body’s internal clock to malfunction, leading to depression.

Serotonin levels are high. SAD may be caused by a decrease in serotonin, a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that modulates mood. Reduced sunshine can induce a decrease in serotonin, which can lead to depression.

Melatonin levels are low. The change in season can upset the body’s melatonin balance, which influences sleep patterns and mood.

When to see a doctor?

It’s common to have low days from time to time. However, if you’re feeling depressed for days at a time and can’t get inspired to do things you generally love, consult your doctor. This is especially crucial if your sleeping and eating habits have changed, you use other medicines for comfort or relaxation, you feel hopeless, or you consider suicide.

Gold prices hit an all-time high in Pakistan, is this the time to invest?

Gold prices in Pakistani markets have reached an all-time high in the last 24 hours, as international rates regained some of last week’s strong momentum when the US Dollar fell in global markets.

Gold is being sold for Rs. 171125 per 10 grams, and the price of Gold reached Rs. 199600 per tola in Pakistan today.

Despite the price spike in local markets, gold fell from a 9-month high on Tuesday due to a modest decline in US bond yields, although the market was bolstered by prospects of slower interest rate hikes.

At 21:40 PM, spot gold was up 0.2 percent to $1,934.82 per ounce, having touched a high of $1,934.82 earlier in the day. In the United States, gold futures settled 0.4 percent higher at $1,935.4.

Consequently, the dollar index lost 0.2 percent versus its peers, making greenback-priced gold more affordable for many investors, while expectations of another interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve added to the commodity’s appeal.

Although gold is viewed as a hedge against economic indicators such as currency and inflation, increasing interest rates tend to reduce the appeal of zero-yielding bullion. In any event, the rare metal is still a worthwhile investment.

Various options, including decreasing government employee salaries, are being considered as a newly established committee works on adopting austerity measures to reduce spending, according to sources.

Aside from a 10% pay cut, the 15-member panel is proposing reducing ministry/division spending by 15% and reducing the number of federal ministers, ministers of state, and advisers from 78 to 30, with the remainder working pro bono.

The proposals will be finalized on Wednesday, and the committee will submit a report to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The delivery of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) tranche prompted the government to embark on austerity, although it remains hesitant to execute conditions that could lead to increased inflation.

Meanwhile, the committee recommends stopping the use of funding for provincial-nature projects and prohibiting public-sector firms from obtaining loans through government guarantees.

However, it is hesitant to take on large expenditure cuts on budgetary resources, such as cutting the number of ministries/divisions after the 18th Amendment, which is the source of overlapping.

It remains to be seen how the NAC will deal with the losses of large public sector organisations such as Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), whose losses this year totalled Rs67 billion, as well as Pakistan Steel Mills, PASSCO, electricity distribution companies, and others. In the previous fiscal year, the power sector alone lost Rs1,600 billion.

The austerity committee also discussed a proposal to freeze intelligence services’ discretionary funds, including Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB). It discussed a proposal to cut defence spending, but the secretary of defence responded that it might not be realistic given increasing inflation and currency devaluation. However, the committee may consider reducing non-combat spending.

The committee also discussed prohibiting the purchase of automobiles, freezing all benefits and privileges both locally and overseas, and lowering the number of redundant posts in various ministries and divisions.

Since its inception in 2014, SAPPHIRE has established a name for itself for offering affordable trend inspired collections. Over the years SAPPHIRE has expanded its collections to include menswear, kidswear, westernwear and non-apparel lines such as home and beauty. Fast forward to 2023 and SAPPHIRE is beginning a new chapter of its forever evolving story that starts with a rebranding. The brand has decided to adopt a contemporary yet timeless look for its new branding that modernises its perspective in offering a complete lifestyle to its customers and focusses on the ideals of modernism, quality and sustainability.

A vision for change

Fashion is such a dynamic market where new trends and customer shopping habits are constantly changing and new brands emerge, it is vital for existing brands to keep on evolving to stay relevant. SAPPHIRE’s rebranding not only keeps it relevant in this everchanging industry, it also reflects the brands adaptive character that allows it to be creative, progressive, and mindful.

The creation of a new identity

Although SAPPHIRE’s visual identity has not experienced drastic shifts over the years, the brand has gradually updated its look to a cleaner, letter-based logo before going through to this bolder rebranding exercise. Once known for its easily distinguishable bird ident, which also translated into its animal print apparel designs, SAPPHIRE has now transformed its identity to a minimalist bold font that has been designed to work with both feminine and masculine products.

The minimal and modern typeface was strategically selected to ensure that the brand stays relevant to the current trends, an attribute that is imperative for all pioneering fashion brands, but also something that will have longevity. As the first part of its forever evolving chapter, SAPPHIRE has introduced the next generation of its carrier bags that are made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper. These new bags, decorated in blooming florals and blue summer skies, symbolize the next step in SAPPHIRE’s commitment to reducing waste as they can be purchased for a nominal fee, proceeds of which will contribute to SAPPHIRE’s ongoing sustainability programme, where SAPPHIRE has already made huge strides, like repurposing fabric, investing in solar panels across stores, and reducing plastic usage.

Looking into the future

In an era where “less is more” and “minimalism is the name of the game,” the decision to adopt a more modern look is in complete alignment with the expectations of the modern-day customer, and it’s about time that brands recognize the need to change their viewpoint according to the demands of the customer, no matter which industry they belong to. SAPPHIRE’s new look, which it plans to strengthen over the course of the year, comes as a refreshing start to the new year, one that we expect many brands to follow. 

Warmth is the underlying driver of clothing during the winter months and while it might be the ultimate goal, one must also not compromise on fashion while dressing up for winter. Looking wonderful while staying warm is our mantra this season and we have just the right women’s western wear range to fall back on thanks to Salt by Ideas!

This newly launched women’s western wear range features some really trendy jackets, sweaters, dresses and pants. We have put together a list of wardrobe staples just to save you the effort of looking for them. And with the ongoing sale, they are certainly worth picking up. So here goes!

Geometrical Print Dress

Easy-to-wear silhouettes like this long sleeve dress are all the fad. The ruffled panels at the bottom of this dress give it a very flattering shape while the print gives it a modern understated look which is what the year 2023 is all about.

Pink Cropped Knit Sweater

Embrace the sweater weather with this beautiful knit sweater. Looking stylish while being layered up in winters is no easy task but this cropped knit sweater makes our life easy with its minimalistic look and a cut that compliments all body types. Our advice: contrast it with flare pants, or go for simple straight cut jeans for a more casual look.

Tie Dye Jacket

We will not deny our love for neutral colors and subtle looks but it’s also not possible to look past the importance of colors in any winter wardrobe. This tie-and-dye jacket is perfect for those mundane winter mornings when you need an outfit that helps you break free of your everyday boring winter routine. For us, this one’s definitely landing in our shopping cart!

Tie Dye Pants

Channel your inner diva with these tie-and-dye pants that are sure to brighten up your day every time you put them on! We love how this colorful pattern can lift up any winter outfit thanks to it extra swirl and splash of color.

Black Neck Cutout Sweater

Saving the best for last, this black sweater is definitely a must-have in any woman’s western wear closet this winter. We love the sneaky little cutout detail on the neck as it perfectly transforms an everyday outfit into something more trend-focused. You can pair with literally everything in your wardrobe from skirts to distressed denim to formal pants.

So, if you’re a fashion-savvy girl on the lookout for some great buys this season, quickly visit their website to get your hands onto these pieces before stocks run out!

Fans have accused Kylie Jenner of “normalizing animal cruelty” after she wore a dress with a life-sized artificial lion head affixed to it during Paris Fashion Week.

The reality star wore the contentious ensemble to Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture presentation on Monday, January 23rd and viewers were quick to label the look “disgusting” and “sick” due to the lion head.

Kylie described the lion head as a “faux artwork produced by hand using synthetic materials” in an Instagram picture, but that didn’t stop social media from labeling it offensive.

“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a special morning,” wrote Kylie, “wow i loved wearing this faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials. beautiful beautiful”.

“Glorifying animal hunting is not the one”, one user commented underneath Kylie’s post. Another social media user commented “So sad to see celebrities in such platform normalise animal cruelty.”

One social user wrote, “The world today has only 20,000 lions”, adding that her outfit is a “grave insensitivity towards a critical animal.”

Another user wrote, “This is literally promoting more hunting of animals,” with one user questioning, “Are you okay? You are literally promoting animal hunting. Clearly famous doesn’t mean smart or conscious. Does it?”

Kylie reaffirmed her support for the look in the caption, writing “beautiful beautiful” beside a love heart emoji.

Hot Couple

Zendaya and Tom Holland are on our hot couple list this week!

Style Star

Kiran Malik sure knows how to rock any look. We love her style sense!

Paperazzi Picks

We’re obsessed with everything on duskcandlesco’s page. Check out their Instagram for the cutest scented candle collection.


The Hungry Bare amazed us with their Bare Burger. Succulent beef, lots of cheese and in picketed in a soft brioche bun. A must-try for all the burger lovers out there!

On the playlist

As it was is on our playlist this week!


Inflation reaches 13.76pc in May, highest in over two years.

Summer Staple

These chunky leather sandals from Lama are a must have. Can be paired with almost every outfit for a quirky look!

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have decreased to $4.3 billion, the lowest level since February 2014, according to the country’s central bank, following the repayment of some of Pakistan’s external debt.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) published the data on Thursday, adding that commercial banks have $5.8 billion, for a total of approximately $10.1 billion.

The IMF disbursed a $1.17 billion tranche in August of last year, but the next batch of funds has been stalled since Pakistan has yet to agree to the lender’s several criteria, such as raising energy costs and extending the tax base.

Last year, Pakistan was also hit by disastrous floods, which killed over 1,700 people, affected 33 million people, and cost the country more than $30 billion. Pakistan hosted an international donors’ summit with the United Nations earlier this week in Geneva when the world community promised more than $10 billion over the next three years.

Experts, on the other hand, have painted a bleak picture, arguing that the government should shift its focus from finding short-term fixes to more long-term reforms. According to Sakib Sherani, an economist based in Islamabad, Pakistan faces more than $20 billion in debt payback obligations over the next two years.

“In 2017, our yearly debt repayment was close to $7 billion. Over $20 billion is expected this year and next. We can’t help but borrow more, and while it may be a short- to a medium-term solution, it’s simply unsustainable,” Sherani explained in an interview.

He stated that Pakistan’s debt obligations should be restructured and that the government should develop a clearer plan for its economic strategy.

A Dubai-based Filipino artist paints drawings and portraits on the city’s beaches with a rake and sand as his medium. Nathaniel Alapide goes to a beach in Dubai early in the morning to wait for the proper low tide to begin outlining his next masterpiece on the flat and damp sand surface.

“I would create something for like three or four hours and then when the water starts going up, it erases it, or it takes it away as well. I like the ephemeral nature to it. It reminds you a lot about life,” said Nathaniel. The 44-year-old artist, who was previously an aquarist, has converted his hobby of producing sand art into a full-time job by accepting art contracts from hotels.

“It is a very fulfilling feeling, it makes you feel connected to your neighbourhood, to people as well. So as long as I’m here, I’ll keep making sand art,” Alapide continued.

Alapide drawings are typically 20 metres (66 feet) square. “Sometimes I’ll make a piece that will take an hour,” he explained. “Or sometimes I work every day for hours to create.” When he inserts a written message, the pieces might be more than 100 metres long.

Alapide’s sand painting career began in 2014, when he drew a tree in memory to his late grandmother into an area of sand on Umm Suqeim Beach, under the shadow of the famed wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The scale of the drawing attracted the hotel, which offered him his first full-time position as a sand artist in 2015. Since then, he has painted the sands of the UAE with around 1,900 designs. He’s been commissioned by major brands such as Burberry and Adidas, and he created a piece for National Geographic’s “The UAE from Above” series.

The UAE government even turned Alapide’s art into a public service message to inform the public of Covid limitations, with a large slogan saying “#STAY HOME” visible from the sky.

Alapide broke the world record for the largest sand image in 2022. The artwork, which measured more than 23,000 square metres (250,000 square feet) and showed the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, was commissioned by Abu Dhabi Aviation Club (UAE). It took 30 days to complete and required 12,000 tonnes of sand in four different colours obtained from the UAE desert. Alapide believes the transient nature of his work reminds him that everything is in flux, especially in a metropolis like Dubai.

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