In Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Nathia Gali is home to St. Matthew’s Church. For three generations, a Muslim family has taken care of the church.

 It includes a specially constructed rectory, lodgings, a stairway, and an antique piano. It was built entirely of cedar wood in 1914 and was designed by Colonel Hope Waddell Kelsall.

Most of these churches, especially those in Dungagali, Ayubia, and Murree, were constructed in the Gothic style. Most people agree that the church in Nathiagali is the mountainous location of worship that is photographed the most. It provides a panoramic perspective and various photo opportunities to the tourists looking for entertainment nearby with its wooden building, which is perpetually painted in black and has a towering spire. The watchman currently resides in the modest rectory that is located behind the main hall. The kind guard usually allows the visitors into the church.

The place is still well-known among domestic Christians who travel there for picnics. The majestic ancient church in Ayubia, which has a purpose-built rectory, a few accommodation spaces, an antique iron stairway leading to an attic, and even an old piano, must have operated as a comprehensive administrative setup during its glory days.

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