What comes to mind when we think about deserts? Hot, blazing, SCORCHING! 

We don’t like deserts much due to its scarce resources, dryness and sand dunes.

But, we all like cold deserts with blue skies, strong winds and white granules. Don’t we? 

Wait! What? There are no such deserts. But what if there is? YES! There exists such a creation of Allah by the name of “Katpana Desert” or “Sarfaranga Desert” in Skardu which is a cold desert.

Excited to know about that? Let’s start.

World’s highest desert

In Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, the Katapana Desert is the world’s highest desert. Sand dunes surround the Indus River near Skardu. This desert extends from the Khaplu Valley to Nubra Ladakh, and from the Shigar Skardu Valley to Zanskar, Occupied Kashmir, however the largest desert region is in the Skardu and Shigar valley.

This combination of the colors of the lush plantation, giant mountains, rocky plains, flowing, curvy streams, waterfalls, cloudy skies, and picturesque landscapes is rare to find but still expected. What is really unexpecting then? It is the high desert on the top of mountains. Allah has blessed this wonder only to Pakistan.

Weather Conditions

This cold desert has unbelievably cold nights and sandy views that insists the travelers to visit it. It is marked as the top best deserts of the world to visit.

The average temperature of the desert is about 8 degrees to 26 degrees which can drop as low as -10 degrees at night. We know it’s funny but interesting to say to pack your warmest clothes for a desert expedition but we’re not lying! 

What to pack? — Essentials

  • Hiking boots & Gaiters (To prevent sand getting into your boots)
  • If you are a contact lens wearer, bring a spare pair. Sandstorms are likely to happen and if you get a sand corn or dust in your eye you will be pleased to have a set of spare ones with you.)
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Wear or pack a bandana or scarf that you can use to cover your face or neck if a dust-storm kicks up. 
  • An extra jacket! it tends to get really cold at night. 

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