According to a recent survey, a significant portion of the population would relocate to a country with greater possibilities and a better quality of life if given the option.

37% of Pakistanis, according to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), would travel abroad if they could.

Balochistan has the greatest rate of residents who desire to leave Pakistan among the four provinces, at 42%, followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Sindh. Punjab has the lowest rate, despite the fact that 35% of Punjabis want to leave the nation. At 44%, Kashmiris have the highest likelihood of leaving Pakistan, followed by Gilgit-Baltistan. The least number of residents in Islamabad express a wish to move.

According to the study, identity is also influenced by age and gender. Women depart the country less frequently than males do. Between the ages of 15 and 24, 62% of people express a desire to leave the country; however, as people get older, this desire lessens. People with less education are less inclined to leave the country.

PIDE believes it’s difficult to leave one’s home or country, but there must be a valid reason. According to the survey, economic problems are the main culprit.

According to the report, Pakistanis’ desire to emigrate was second only to the want to live with dignity. The poll revealed that Balochistan and Sindh prefer respect to equality.

Balochistan, Kashmir, and Sindh are the regions where people are most ready to emigrate for security. Gender equality was the main reason people left KP.

The Pakistan Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment estimates that between 1971 and June 2020, about 11.2 million Pakistanis looked for employment in 52 different nations.

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