Hazrat Zainab (R.A.) is the granddaughter of Allah’s messenger Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) and the daughter of Hazrat Fatima (R.A.), also known as al-Batool, or “the chaste and the pure.” A brave woman, Hazrat Zainab (R.A.), stood up to Yazid’s atrocities while standing with her brother Hazrat Hussain (R.A.) on the Karbala battlefield.
The title “Queen of Karbala” is given to Hazrat Zainab Bint-e-Ali (R.A.), who truly played a significant role in representing Islam. Many significant lessons may be learned from Sayeda Zainab’s life, and they are all still relevant to our lives now.

Strength of Hazrat Zainab (R.A)

Hazrat Zainab (R.A) was aware that it would be her duty to take care of the widows and orphans. Despite the severe disaster that befell her and her family, she exhibited strength, confidence, and faith. Her life teaches us even in the most challenging situations, women must not undervalue their strength. In these circumstances, being proactive might be of the biggest importance.

Leadership of Hazrat Zainab (R.A)

Hazrat Zainab (R.A) was renowned for her leadership through her conduct. History repeatedly recalls her pivotal role in uniting the people who had been captured by the army of Yazid and left behind by the Karbala martyrs as a brilliant example of leadership in the face of difficulty.

Vision of Hazrat Zainab (R.A)

Hazrat Zainab (R.A) was a leader with vision. Islam’s continued existence depended heavily on the preservation of the Imamate. Hazrat Zainab (R.A) understood she had to defend her nephew, Imam Zayn al-Abidin (p), and she did it as well as she could with God’s Divine defence and assistance. When it was necessary to defend him physically, she remained steady and publicly spoke out when the truth was distorted or obscured.

Courage of Hazrat Zainab (R.A)

We learned from Hazrat Zainab (R.A.) that it’s not always simple to resist our oppressor. Even though our oppressors might take on many different identities and organisational structures, it’s crucial to summon the confidence to stand up to them. To be steadfast and strong, we must have faith in our principles and in ourselves. By defying the obstacles and resisting the vile and formidable oppressor of her day, Zainab (R.A.) rose to become a pillar of courage and hope.

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