When you’re juggling relationships, a part-time job, maintaining your grades, and college, it can be difficult. Most of us become preoccupied with phone calls, texts, and push notifications. The average student is “distracted for at least five out of every 15 minutes they set aside to study,” most frequently due to texting and social media use, according to a survey.

It can be exceedingly challenging, but not impossible, to maintain concentration when there is so much going on.  You may win the battle against distractions by employing some simple strategies.

Make a To-Do List:

It might be stressful to juggle numerous projects and deadlines. It’s simple to overlook another task when you’re focused on one. A good schedule will enable you to better plan your deadlines and manage your time. You can keep track of your classes and assignments by using a planner or digital calendar. For people who like to make their own to-do lists and appointment schedules, paper planners are ideal. According to one study, the mere act of writing things down improves your memory and focus.

Turn Off Alerts:

All college student’s adversaries are frequent notifications and texts. Close any unnecessary tabs on your computer and put your phone on silent or “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Find the right Place to Do Work:

Students must figure out what works best for them when studying or completing their schoolwork. Some pupils can’t concentrate in a quiet setting; thus, they want noise and bustle. Others require complete quiet, free from all other influences. Try a few different spaces and see how each study session works out.

Split the work into smaller tasks:

By splitting a big project into smaller ones, procrastination can be defeated. Instead of diving headfirst into a massive task, it’s easier to drive oneself to do smaller ones. Break up your time wisely if you’re struggling to complete your work or studies. Consider taking a 10-minute break after 45 to 50 minutes of work. According to studies, regular breaks might improve productivity and information retention.

Clear your Desk:

Your ability to complete your work may be hindered by an untidy workspace. Sort through your desk and just keep what is necessary. An organized workstation can help boost motivation and lessen anxiety.

Reward yourself:

Even a little drive can make a big difference. It’s a good idea to set up a reward system to motivate oneself to complete something. For instance, reward yourself with a nap or a Video if you successfully complete an essay without any interruptions.

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