Environmental degradation, unclean habits and settings, insufficient and improper systems for waste disposal, a lack of hygiene, and poor sanitation are the main problems Pakistan and other third-world countries face. These issues not only affect the health of the populace but also contribute to climatic changes, which are thought to be the greatest threat to human lives and the planet itself.

Environment protection is a requirement, not a choice.  We must all do our part to make Pakistan a clean, green country. Here’s how we all can contribute:

Don’t litter the streets or roads

Remember that you are a responsible Pakistani citizen when you are out and about. It is your responsibility to keep the ground clean. Keep a small bag on hand to collect waste, such as plastic bottles, juice boxes, and wrappers.

Plant more trees

There are so many advantages that trees bring to our daily lives. They help prevent climate change, filter clean air, produce clean water, and provide habitats for countless plant and animal species. Our country can be protected from climate change and biodiversity loss by planting trees. Neem trees can be planted. They are low maintenance, water efficient, and provide a lot of shade.

Use Biodegradable Stuff

Sustainable living includes the use of biodegradable items that are created from recyclable and renewable components. This indicates that the garbage produced by these products won’t end up in a landfill. Paper bags containing seeds have been introduced by some companies. Therefore, even if they are thrown away, the seeds can still grow into plants. Alternatively, you can remove the seeds and plant them yourself.


The environment and your neighbourhood can both benefit from recycling. It lessens the amount of trash that is dumped in landfills and burned in incinerators. By minimizing the need to gather fresh raw materials, it conserves natural resources like water and timber and prevents pollution.

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