Habit tracking is a way for you to monitor how well your daily, weekly, or monthly habits are being maintained. An effective habit tracker can take many different forms, from an advanced app to a piece of paper and a pen.

Why tracking your habits is beneficial?

Tracking habits is the key to building new habits. By tracking your habits you’ll have a better chance of succeeding. You’ll feel more in control of your future and more self-assured by breaking down your big goals into manageable habits and keeping track of them.

Having a tracking habit encourages us to remain dedicated. Without any form of accountability, we are more likely to completely forget about our new habits.

Tracking habits gives you motivation and acts as a reward. You can keep track of your habits and form new ones by employing these strategies.

1.    Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is one of the most popular techniques for tracking habits. All you need to create a habit tracker is a pen and notebook, the name of your habit, and some space next to it for tracking.

2.    Printed Templates

Printed templates are another way to track your habits. Choose a printable template to save time if you find the drawings and fillings required to complete a Bullet Journal to be tiresome. There are many free printable templates available online and you can pick one according to your liking.

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3.    Excel or google sheet Templates

 Computerized habit tracking is another method used to track habits if you don’t prefer the manual method. If you have an aptitude for numbers and statistics, you can use spreadsheet programs like MS Excel or Google Sheets.

4.    Habit Tracking App

The use of a smartphone or browser-based app is the most advanced and digitalized method of habit tracking. You can easily use these apps without spending a lot of time creating templates.

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