In order to decrease the violation of traffic rules, the Lahore traffic police came up with an objective and decided to introduce action against those who drive without a license.

Asad Malhi, the CTO (Chief Traffic Police Officer), issued a warning to the people of Lahore, informing them that anyone seen driving without a license in the city will face a punishment of Rs 2000.

To help the public obtain their license, he announced that the DHA and Irfa Karim Driving License Centers would be open today until 4 PM.

Further, he stated that Smart Licencing Centre Manwa will remain open 24/7 for the facility of the masses to save themselves from fines.

According to reports, the cabinet committee for traffic in Lahore city approved a rise in the fines for moving violations last year to reduce reckless driving and the likelihood of accidents.

Raja Basharat, the law minister for Punjab, presided over the meeting that approved the revision. As a result, people who are caught speeding, not wearing helmets, or breaking lane regulations would have to pay higher challan fines.

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