Being a brown girl means that you are always rushing around, simply trying to live up to the absurd standards that society has set for success. For brown girls, life resembles an impossible tunnel from which it is very challenging to escape.

Being a brown girl certainly has its ups and downs. Below we have listed daily struggles faced by a brown girl that will make you feel everything-laughter, tears, and head nods.

Privacy concerns

Being brown indicates that you probably have a large family, and it is more difficult to conceal things in a bigger family. You have no privacy at all, and you’ll always be found out no matter what you do.

Beta, When I was your age…

Growing up in a brown family, you’ll constantly be judged on how smart your parents were when they were kids. Your mothers will mostly tell you Beta, “When I was your age, I was already married.”

When is the baby coming?

Brown parents and aunties are obsessed with babies. Any girl who has been married recently will attest to being ruthlessly confronted with the disturbing inquiry, “Khushkhabri kab milnay wali hai?”

You will not find a groom if you are overaged

The obsession with young brides is high in our culture. In the context of marriage, a man’s age is never a subject of discussion. Only women in brown households are considered to be overaged and they often get to hear, No one would marry an ‘overaged’ girl!

Brown girl curfews

Being a brown girl has its challenges, including unfair judgment from aunts and uncles. Boys and girls have different curfews and every time girls attempt to stay up a little later than their curfew, they get to hear that phrase.

“Beta, it’s not you we don’t trust, it’s people we don’t trust”.

You can continue your studies after marriage

Brown parents consider their daughter’s marriage to be much more important than her academic career. Because of this, they save money for their daughter’s “big day” but not for her education. They even encourage her to think that once she has her “own house,” she can pursue her education if her husband and in-laws have “permitted” her. 

Fair skin obsession

Brown people are obsessed with fair skin and you will often come across a comment from an aunty telling you that “Put on this whitening cream or this home remedy is best to get fair skin.”

As a brown girl, can you relate to these struggles? Tell us in the comments below.

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