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T-shirts can serve a lot more purposes than just serving as your go-to outfit for couch surfing. You can incorporate them into a stylish layering look or dress them up with a saree. The options are essentially limitless. Here are five creative and interesting ways to style a white t-shirt, shared by Maham.

Summer Burst:

The summer season is all about bright, vibrant colours and if you’re looking to wear a statement item (like orange trousers) then a plain white t-shirt is the ideal clothing to bring a clean break to your outfit. Pair it with white sandals and perhaps a light white coat (if you’re feeling brave), and you’ve got your hero piece shining bright like the sun.

Date Night:

The white t-shirt provides the perfect modest way of wearing a corset as an outer. When paired with high-waisted wide-leg pants, it accentuates the curves of your body and gives a balanced proportion to the overall look. I’ve opted for flats to give a more casual look, but you can switch them for heels to give extra oomph.

Saari Affair:

 Add a modern twist to the classic black saari. Elevate your black saari by pairing a black corset with your white t-shirt and you’ll get that black and white film vibes. Layer with traditional and modern accessories to complete the look and you’re ready to strut the streets.

Swan Effect:

You can never go wrong with an all-white outfit – it works for all seasons. Pair with any coloured shoes and you’ll add just the right amount of colour to not let your outfit feel dull.

Casual Outings:

 Nothing screams comfort like overalls. Keep the look fresh with a white t-shirt, white joggers and maybe a dark-coloured cardigan (for winters) and voila, you’re officially a Gilmore Girl.

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