Lessons from Karbala

Karbala is the place where Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussain was killed during what is known as the Battle of Karbala in A.D. 680. According to Shiites, Hussain and his men were martyred in this battle on the Day of Ashura.

Many lessons can be drawn from the events at Karbala for humanity. It is a source of divine illumination and the truest path to humanity’s salvation.

Such lessons, which are neither community nor time-specific, can be learned from the Karbala incident. Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) demonstrated in practise over thirteen centuries ago that the ostensibly western ideals of standing up for what is right, enduring hardship, and sacrificing one’s most precious possessions are universal lessons. These priceless lessons apply to all societies and eras.

Be Righteous:

Even if you are alone, practise righteousness. It is crucial to stand up for what is right, even when you are certain that you will die.

Be Just:

The first universal lesson Karbala imparts to us is to never support oppression and injustice, regardless of how strong the oppressor may be. Never support falsehood and tyranny, regardless of the incentive or threat you may be given. The contrast between good and evil is demonstrated in Karbala.

Be Kind:

Even to your enemies, show kindness. Hur oversaw the opposing army. As he and his soldiers made their way to stop Hussain, they ran out of water. Despite having little water, Hussain served it to them.

Be Patient:

Imam Hussain’s life teaches us to be patient in adverse times. When facing a challenging circumstance or obstacle, one should truly look up to and emulate those who have overcome them. This is because one should never forget that much greater people have overcome much more difficult circumstances while maintaining a strong faith in Allah SWT.

Be Brave:

Even after you have lost everything, show courage. After witnessing the massacre of her family, which included her devoted brothers, her adorable nephews, and her two own sons, Zainab, the brave sister of Hussain and the daughter of Ali, was taken as prisoner. Even though they were all killed in the same day, she didn’t lose sight of her brother’s objective. She spoke out bravely against the oppressive ruler while restrained by ropes right there in his durbar (courtyard).

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