Cheating has always existed, from high school students to millionaire actors. However, the year 2022 witnessed several high-profile cases that brought cheating to light.

It can be terrible to learn your lover has cheated. You may experience hurt, rage, sadness, or even physical sickness. But more than anything, you might be asking, “Why?”

Cheating is rarely an easy process. People cheat for a variety of reasons, and the patterns are more nuanced than typical stereotypes would imply. A thorough investigation turned out eight main causes: resentment, low self-worth, lack of love, lack of commitment, need for variety, neglect, sexual desire, and setting or circumstance. These reasons not only affected why people cheated, but also how long they cheated, how much they enjoyed the affair, how much emotion they invested in the affair, and if their primary relationship ended as a result.

In general, the thrilling sensation of being in love with someone doesn’t continue forever. When you initially fall in love with someone, receiving a text from them could cause you to feel passionate, ecstatic, and dopamine-rush. But these emotions typically lose some of their influence with time. Yes, there is solid, enduring love. However, those butterflies from the first date will only get you so far. You may conclude that the love simply isn’t there once the glitter wears off. Or perhaps you realize that you love someone else.

Even the opportunity of cheating increases the likelihood of infidelity. This does not imply that everyone who has the chance to cheat will. The desire to cheat is frequently increased by other conditions, albeit not always.

Intimacy demands in a relationship can occasionally be unsatisfied by one or both partners. Especially if the relationship is otherwise gratifying, many people decide to stay in it in the hopes that things will change. Unmet needs, though, might cause frustration, which might get worse if things don’t get better. This might encourage you to find other ways to satisfy those demands.

In some circumstances, cheating may be more prevalent in people who struggle with commitment. Additionally, not everyone defines commitment in the same way. Two people in a relationship could have quite different perceptions of the status of their union, including whether it should be considered casual, exclusive, etc.

Cheating can be terrible and even damaging, but it can also be a gift. It could be that you’ve been valuing your connection less than you should have, or you’ve now realized that your relationship has been broken for a long time. In any case, it’s time to give yourself or your partner more attention.

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