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No one does Chikankari Kurtas like Image. This pink chikankari kurta can be dressed up or down to be worn on several occasions.


The Wholegrain Steak from Pretaplate Cafe is tender, juicy & full of flavours. Brownie points for the whole grain mustard sauce served with it!

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Energy by Beyoncé is our jam for the week. We can’t stop grooving!

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The motia scented candle by Scented Stories Candles is a love language indeed. We love enjoying our morning tea with the motia aroma around the room.

Hot Couple

Things between Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, and Gigi Hadid, 27, are reportedly stirring up.

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The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2 is out now and we’ve been enjoying all those dramatic stakes, conflicts & interpersonal relationships.


33 million Pakistanis have been displaced due to flood caused by climate changes. It is estimated that the total damage caused by floods is around $18.5 billion, including 6500km of road network and 1.7 million homes. The government and several organisations have raised funds, still a lot more is needed to provide shelter and sustenance to these people. Donate to the trusted organisations to help them out!

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