Fool me once, a brilliant thriller starring the stunning Michelle Keegan, is a must-watch show. Another incentive to watch this show, outside the incessant mind games, is Michelle Keegan’s classic wardrobe. 


“MITH” THE BE YOURSELF PARAKEET hoodie is on our wishlist. 

Currently Reading: 

We are currently reading ‘’It Starts With Us” – sequel to the famous “It Ends with Us” written by Colleen Hoover based on her own experience of domestic abuse set in a fictional way. The second book carries on exactly where the last book finishes and follows Lily’s journey. Without giving too much away, read it if you are a romantic and believe that everyone deserves a happy ending. 

New Designer: 

D.designs is the new designer in town. Her reasonably priced pieces are available at Shop La Villa. 


Zaam Arif is an American-Pakistani contemporary artist residing and working in Houston, Texas. He is exhibiting his work “Winter Lights” at The Cabin Los Angeles, California. 


Who doesn’t enjoy nice, freshly baked croissants? The freshly made croissants from Fine Foods Co. are presently our obsession. Our all-time favorite is their Pain au Chocolat. 


‘Tu Hai Kahan’, star singer Zayn Malik’s first-ever Urdu song with Pakistani band AUR, is on our playlist this week. 

Hot Couple: 

Hasan Rizvi and Hina Ramzi are on our hot couple list this week. 

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