As a parent, there are many things you need to teach a young boy about the world before he matures.  There are so many preconceived notions that tend to minimize the significance of intentionally and actively teaching our sons about life, with the belief that they’ll eventually figure it out on their own (for example, “boys will be boys”). If our sons are still young, we must teach them:

It’s okay to cry!

Boys tend to suppress their emotions because they are taught that emotions are exclusively the domain of women. It’s best to teach boys that it’s okay to cry because they tend to hide their emotions. They learn how to properly express their emotions when crying is acceptable.

To shed the label of toxic masculinity

Boys experience the same levels of suffering, trauma, and anxiety as other people do. Don’t let social pressures to be a man steal his true self. Teach your boys that it’s acceptable to feel weak, vulnerable, and delicate, and to ask for assistance when needed without feeling bad about it.

Cooking and Cleaning

For the sake of their own independence, parents should teach their sons how to cook and clean. Boys should also be taught that caring for a home and raising children are shared responsibilities, not just their partner’s. 

You don’t have to use violence to prove your manliness

Boys should learn to assert themselves and speak up for the people they care about, but this does not necessarily mean that they should fight to uphold the honour of their family. The manliest action a man can do is to easily silence an oppressor or bully without having to lift a finger.

How to control his temper

Boys acquire their explosive reputations naturally. In all honesty, their testosterone makes them more likely to experience anger problems. Start by explaining to your son that, in the end, he must be in control of his anger and his behaviour. 

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