In a world increasingly drawn to subtle luxury and minimalism, the Color Blocking Trend stands firm, celebrating the brilliance of bold colors that defy the monotonous monochromes we once adored.

While you might assume this trend fits only in Western fashion, let’s debunk that myth. In South Asia, our affinity for rich, vibrant shades, deeply rooted in our heritage, is undeniable. Colors in our region tell stories, convey identities, and preserve centuries-old customs. The Color Blocking Trend seamlessly marries this cultural penchant for striking hues with contemporary fashion, crafting an intriguing juxtaposition of tradition and innovation.

Leading the charge are none other than the talented trio of Alia Bhatt, Saba Qamar, and Hania Amir as seen above. These starlets have fearlessly hopped on the bandwagon of this vibrant trend, showcasing their flair for fashion and trendsetting.

Even in western looks, Victroria Beckhem and our very own Hania Amir have pulled this trend off very well.

Here are some colour combinations to help you take inspo and create your own trendy outfits and looks.

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