The excellent and unique leader Imam Ali (AS) distinguishes out from all other leaders. Along with believers, several non-Muslims also loved his character and unique features. They tried to emphasise facets of this unending leader of ages’ persona and have published hundreds of books and research papers about him.

By the manner he made decisions in every situation that came across his concept of justice, historians consider him to be one of the most just rulers and an exceptional model of social justice.

Respect and Humility

He encouraged people to treat one another with kindness and to spread peace and love to all people. Many times, humiliating and vilifying others makes people joyful. Even his adversaries received Hazrat Ali’s words with deference and respect.

Human Rights

Human rights had the highest priority under his caliphate. They included the freedoms to live, to speak, to be treated equally (across racial groups), and to act.


At a period when everyone was a disbeliever, Hazrat Ali (R.A) was deeply devoted to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He stated, “Blessings are for the man who earns honestly, distributes alms in the name of Allah, has good tongue control, doesn’t oppress others, doesn’t add new laws to Islam, and has a great character.”

Knowledge and Wisdom

Hazrat Ali’s (R.A) life taught us many lessons. He was a fountain of information, yet he never took credit for it. It’s all because, according to the following hadith about him, he was the only one to receive Hazrat Muhammad PBUH’s insight and understanding. “I am the city of wisdom, and Ali is its doorway,” the Holy Prophet (PBUH) remarked.

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