Tayyab, 11 years old during May 2020 peak COVID decided he wants to do something to help others in this difficult time. After lots of thinking he came up with a unique idea. He saw that many mothers were struggling to make their kids wash their hands during the peak of COVID. He came up with the idea of introducing homemade organic soaps with toys inside them, the more you wash your hands the faster the toy comes out. After lots of experimenting and trials with the help of his mother, he was able to make a perfect soap which he gave to his 6-year-old sister. He noticed that she started washing her hands day and night so the toy comes out faster.

This is how he launched his business on Instagram called Soaptastic. Almost 100 percent of his profit goes to charity. He has been awarded as the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan. Tayyab appeared in various newspapers and TV channels for interviews and now has 26.3K followers on Instagram. As soon as he is done with school and studies he focuses on his work. When he came up with this idea there was no one making soaps with toys in Pakistan, not even in any other country we know of. He was 11 and he got an offer from Dubai and UK to sell his idea and company, but he didn’t do it because his purpose was to help others and not make a profit.

By the grace of Allah and his hard work, he has built a mosque just from his personal profit. He has built three shops for three widows so they can stand on their own feet, and he wants to keep going and help many more. It’s been more than three years and a little business he started with a good intention has come a long way.

Here are a few links showing Tayyab’s work on different channels, news, and a tweet by British commissioner Christian Turner.

Tayyab’s interview on HUM TV:

Tayyab’s work featured on GEO TV:


Tayyab has a strong belief that the more he helps others the more he will get. From selling one soap a day to up to 100 soaps per day, his soaps now have so much demand that it is hard to meet the little home-based business he started. He made a major donation to families who suffered in a 2020 plane crash.

Samia, Tayyab’s mother said: “It was such an exciting moment when a one soap order came. Today he gets so many orders that he can’t handle them because of his studies. A little home-based business we thought would keep him busy for a good cause and a totally new idea for one month is on its way to the fourth year with zero help.”

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