Paperazzi is always on the lookout for the newest restaurants, classic spots and gems that feel like a special find. Here is our recent find- The Mad Italian Lahore, which is located next to Fuschia Kitchen. The place is serving Neapolitan pizzas, pasta’s, panuzzo’s and more. 

Our gastronomic journey commenced with the sampling of their comforting roasted tomato & cream of mushroom soups, providing a gratifying warmth on a cold day. Subsequently, we relished the Roast Chicken & Pomegranate salad, a harmonious medley of textures, flavors, and hues.

Continuing our culinary exploration, we indulged in the Truffle Mushroom Ravioli—a beautiful dish with a filling of mushroom & truffle, accompanied by cream sauce and fried spinach. Envision tender pasta pockets brimming with the earthy essence of mushrooms, intertwining with a luxurious cream sauce—a dream for aficionados of ravioli!

Chef Mustafa’s endorsement of the Lemon Butter Spaghetti proved to be equally delightful, offering comfort and opulence with its vibrant, silky, and sumptuous lemon butter sauce.

A visit to The Mad Italian would be incomplete without savoring their authentic wood-fired Neapolitan Pizzas—delivering a symphony of tender, light, and exquisite Italian flavors.

Concluding our culinary experience, we relished the perfection of Lemon Ricotta Cannoli, meticulously fried and filled with a delectable, sweet ricotta mixture—a genuine delight for discerning taste buds. Noteworthy are the charming hot chocolate shots. Overall, our experience was delightful, and we earnestly recommend exploring this place. 

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