28 women are suing the well-known haircare business Olaplex, claiming that the company’s products are to blame for their hair loss, blisters, and other ailments.

Olaplex’s line of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments makes the claim that they may “safely repair broken bonds and renew hair.” Yet, the lawsuit asserts that Olaplex contains dangerous substances that made the women’s hair and scalps worse. Olaplex has made test findings public, claiming that they demonstrate the products’ safety.

“We are prepared to vigorously defend our company, our brand, and our products against these baseless accusations,” it said in a statement on Instagram.

 In the wake of the lawsuit, Olaplex has not recalled any of its products. Olaplex, a company that was established in California in 2014, asserts that the restoration of damaged hair by its products’ unique chemistry is supported by science.

While it is easily accessible to the general public, certain items are exclusively sold to skilled hair stylists. It is specifically promoted towards persons who bleach their hair. It is a procedure that is provided in numerous salons all over the world as an added cost for clients getting their hair colored.

Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian have promoted the business, which has experienced enormous success.

The plaintiffs are said to have “lost their hair, in some cases more than half, and leaving bald spots in others,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed last week in a district court in California. Their hair was “dry, brittle, frizzy, and lifeless,” it continues. According to the lawsuit, “the hair has split and snapped, making it look unkempt and as if it were trimmed with a weedwhacker.”

The Law Centre of Amy E. Davis, one of the law firms participating in the case, has made public several images of the plaintiffs that they allege demonstrate bald spots brought on by Olaplex. According to the legal records, several of the women have suffered from severe itching, rashes, yeast infections, bacterial infections, burning, open sores, and as a result, despair.  In total, the plaintiffs are requesting $75,000 (£62,200) in damages.

Lilial and panthenol, two chemicals that can cause hair loss and other ailments like “inflamed, blistered, flaking or scaling skin,” are also said to be included in Olaplex products, according to the lawsuit.

The business stated on its website, with links to multiple papers from industry-standard tests, “Independent third-party laboratory test results confirm that Olaplex products are safe and effective.”

JuE Wong, the CEO of the business, wrote on Twitter that hair loss was a difficult and sensitive subject, but that “for our products, this is not true.”

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