The National College of Arts hosted the Bachelor’s Degree Show 2023, which was open to the public and art enthusiasts.  Students’ work reached unprecedented levels of originality, as showcased by all departments within the college. In addition to visitors from Pakistan, art enthusiasts go from all over the world to engage in the spectacular exhibition of creativity and to honor the recent arrival of new artists in the field.

All graduating students have the chance to present their work to the public, industry professionals, friends, family, and prospective students at the annual degree show. 

The Degree Show featured students from diverse departments like Textile, VCD, Fine Arts, Cultural Studies, Product Design, Ceramic Design, and Music. From personal narratives to captivating scents, the exhibit captured life events, nature, and various inspirations. This event is a culmination of hard work, providing a valuable platform for students to celebrate, share, and exhibit their final year projects. Here are a few captivating glimpses from the Degree Show that caught Paperazzi’s attention:

Department of Textile Design: 

Ceramic Design: 

Cultural Studies: 

Visual Communication Design: 

Department of Fine Arts: 

Product Design: 

Department of Musicology:

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