A Memorandum of understanding covering the development of Chakwal’s tourist destinations and historical sites has been signed between the Punjab Tourism Department and the University of Chakwal.

The University of Chakwal signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Both parties have committed to collaborating to safeguard the district’s historic buildings and to make them more easily accessible to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Both parties will cooperate to organize a tourism festival in Chakwal in December that will highlight the region’s history and natural beauty to draw more visitors. Punjab is a province with a diverse culture and has a lot of potential for religious and historical tourism. To emphasize the significance of tourism, the University of Chakwal’s Department of Tourism will host conferences, workshops, and seminars.

To do this, the University of Chakwal will also launch a unique program for research and development.

Field visits will be made by both sides, and a report will be produced. The TDCP and other divisions of the tourism department will support academics and researchers. For the duties, both parties will designate emphasis points.

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