We are rooting for one another and all of us deserve nothing but the absolute best when it comes to relationships! However, sometimes we forget how to sustain high standards that are realistic as well.

Unchangeable Vs Compromise
These are different for every person but one must not compromise on their non-negotiables in a relationship because in the long-term that just makes one bitter. Your non-negotiables might be the way they treat you and other people around you – are they nice towards your family and friends? Are they respectful towards your goals and ambitions? However, sometimes due to our past traumas we are extremely selective and particular about certain things such as their income should be above a certain amount or that they must like all the same sports you do or all the same tv shows.

Understanding one another’s “love language”
Everyone has their own love language – while for some it might be words of affection, others might communicate their love through acts of service. It is important to have a conversation with your partner about your love language. This would help them in putting in effort to express love in the way you want and help you in acknowledging when they express it in their own way.

Continue to follow your passion and encouraging your partner to do the same
Many times what attracts us to one another is our confidence, ambition and passion. However, it is natural sometimes to lose those things – to find it difficult to follow your passion. This is where you need to remind one another of each other’s strengths and support them in following their dream because chances are if they are inspired and motivated, they will bring that energy into the relationship.

Evaluating your deal breaker list
Your deal breaker list should be focused but concise. While some couples work around things, if you believe it is a deal breaker, stick to it. Do they absolutely hate to travel while you live for it? If this is a deal breaker, then bye bye. However, if your deal breaker list is long and winding, it might be time for you to re-evaluate it. The best thing to do in order to maintain realistically high standards is to know yourself and know what you want and then to simply go after it!

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