LILI by DEJA’s menu is curated from Khadija Shafqat’s cherished memories. It’s a journey through the cobblestone streets and quaint cafes of Paris, where every bite carries the whispers of romance and culinary delight.

Lili stands out as the most charming brunch spot for Lahoris. We sampled a variety of dishes from their menu, starting with the delightful warm mini croissants and bread with butter, followed by the Spinach Artichoke Dip (though we wished for more crackers), the exceptional Smashed Potato with chicken, and the inventive Nihari Tacos with their delicious green chili cream filling. The Breakfast Egg and Cheese Sandwich also impressed us. 

Our beverage choices included cappuccino, Spanish Latte, and a surprisingly delightful Pina Colada (not listed on the brunch menu, but available upon request). We highly recommend it. 

Additionally, we enjoyed warm, freshly baked scones paired with clotted cream and honey – sheer perfection.

Overall, Lili excels in both taste and presentation, offering a unique blend of delicious food, creative cafe concept, and elegant serveware – a true testament to Khadija’s ingenuity.

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