Mahnoor Latif is a digital creator, based in Lahore. She shares outfit ideas on her blog “thatedgymassi”. In this article, she shares how to build an outfit from scratch.

With myriad retail shops now offering ready-made outfits why should we even bother with the hassle of making our own clothes – that’s what most of us say to ourselves, right? But there are two reasons why you would want to design your own outfit: (i) fast fashion clothes are not durable and long-lasting; and (ii) you want to wear something that only you own, no one else has that same exact outfit – it’s unique to you.

So, how would we go about designing our own outfit? Well, it is pretty straightforward (and a process our mothers know at the back of their hand) as follows:

Step 1: Sourcing the Material

You can purchase the material from any of your preferred shops in your cities. In Lahore, there is Raja Sahib, Liberty, Lahore Center, Azam Market, etc. Bargain your way through the shops and buy solid colors or prints, whatever is your preference.

Step 2: Finalising the Design

I draw inspiration from social media when it comes to designing my outfits. At times I’ll either like a cut or outfit I saw from a Pakistani or Indian brand and try to replicate that to fit my own aesthetic, or I’ll make a design from a culmination of different styles and cuts I have saved on Pinterest.

Step 3: Buying the Accessories

This step ties in with Step 2 above, so once your design is finalized, you go out and buy the laces, buttons, and any extra accessories that you need to bring together your outfit.

Step 4: Getting it Stitched

This step is pretty standard but can involve a lot of debate with your tailor depending on the design you want to be executed.

Step 5: Styling the Outfit

The final and best part of the whole process, getting to style and wear the outfit you designed!

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