Heritage Home, a boutique furniture brand situated in Lahore’s central area, showcases a diverse collection of exquisite, handcrafted items designed in-house, hence entering the studio always feels fresh and new. Their primary focus is on procuring superior raw materials to create enduring, classic pieces that exude timeless charm and make a lasting impact in any setting.

They are proud to revive the forgotten expertise of inlay in the mainstream furniture market and introduce fresh woodworking methods like parquetry and marquetry into the furniture industry. Although these techniques were once integral to local woodworking heritage, they were seldom embraced by mainstream furniture brands in the country due to their lack of perceived “trendiness.”

These are our top selections, all under 30k:

Rosa Mini Trays- Rs. 8500

Calligraphy Box- Rs. 28,000

Rosa Inlay Box- Rs. 28,000

Motia Coasters- Rs. 4500 (set of 2)

Iris Inlaid Tray- Rs. 16,000

Eden Tissue Box- Rs. 16,000

Crane Serving Trays

  • Single Crane (Rs. 14,000)
  • Double Crane (Rs. 16,000)

Inlaid Serving Spoons- Rs. 4000 (set of 2)

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