In a country like Pakistan, weddings are one of the most extravagant events in a person’s life. There is a lot of commotion attached to weddings and its festivities. However, how many people actually pay attention to the most significant aspect of a wedding – the Nikahnama? Not many, really. In fact, most women do not even know what is written in their nikahnama.

According to Pakistan Commission on the Status of Women, two-thirds of women in Pakistan do not comprehend their Nikahnama only because they can’t read. Even those who can read do not mostly go through all the clauses of nikahnama, which makes them unaware of their rights. In return, many clauses in the nikahnama are crossed out without consulting the bride.

In a groundbreaking move to empower women across Pakistan, easypaisa has initiated a transformative campaign aimed at addressing this crucial issue by launching a new feature called Audio Nikahnama. The audio launch of the Nikahnama translation, under the hashtags #AudioNikahnama and #SunnTohSahi, is a significant step towards bridging this gap and ensuring that every woman understands her rights at the time of marriage.

easypaisa’s campaign focuses on raising awareness about the importance of comprehending the Nikahnama, a document that holds significant power in marital relationships. This legally binding document details essential clauses such as financial obligations, conditions of divorce, and provisions for the wife’s maintenance. Its significance lies in providing a transparent framework for the marriage, ensuring that both partners understand their roles and rights.

Multilingual support

The Audio Nikahnama allows women to listen to the explanation of nikahnama clauses in seven different languages, namely Urdu, English, Balochi, Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki, and even has a Sign Language video for those with hearing disabilities. The audio explanation is not only a convenience but also a necessity, helping people understand the complexities of the Nikahnama before signing it. This initiative underscores easypaisa’s commitment to empowering women by providing them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to safeguard their rights in marriage.

You can access the Audio Nikahnama by simply giving a missed call to 0341 117 1222. Furthermore, the audio Nikahnama is also available on the easypaisa app in all seven languages.


As part of the campaign, easypaisa has also used graffiti art in three major cities of Pakistan—Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, highlighting the significance of Audio Nikahnama. The graffiti provides a visual representation of how easypaisa is reaching the masses, effectively communicating the crucial message of the campaign.

easypaisa’s Audio Nikahnama campaign is a commendable effort to empower women by breaking down language barriers and ensuring that every individual, regardless of literacy or hearing abilities, comprehends their nikahnama. By providing a platform for understanding, easypaisa is contributing to a more informed and empowered society, emphasizing the significance of the nikahnama in marital relationships.

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