(February 16, 2023 – San Francisco, CA) –  2023 marks the 150th anniversary of Levi’s® 501® jeans, one of the most enduring icons of global style and the original template from which all other jeans have descended. The 501® Original has been worn by millions of changemakers, risk takers, experimenters, thinkers, icons and creatives over the course of its brilliant 150 year history.

To commemorate the countless stories – from the mundane to the momentous – of fans in their 501® jeans, Levi’s® is launching The Greatest Story Ever Worn campaign, a year-long celebration. As part of the launch of the campaign, Levi’s® is releasing three short films, directed by Martin de Thurah and Melina Matsoukas, titled The Greatest Story Ever Worn, that explore original stories from around the world celebrating 150 years of 501® jeans. With these stories, as well as others inspired by true events, The Greatest Story Ever Worn celebrates the 501® jeans’ incredible past and its role in countless historical, cultural and personal moments in order to inspire a new generation to write the next chapter.

The Greatest Story Ever Worn presents 501® jeans as an ever-expanding story, written and rewritten by everyone who fastens up the fifth button. More than a pair of jeans, they are not just one person’s story, but everyone’s story. This ever-expanding narrative features a collection of characters, events, ambitions and memories from everyday heroes to unbelievable icons.

“Few products, let alone pieces of clothing, have been as consistently present for so many human experiences, for as long as the 501®.  Coming from the humblest of beginnings as  workwear pants, Levi’s® 501® jeans have become a blank canvas for self expression that transcends the boundaries of culture, and class. This is an incredible moment and milestone for the Levi’s® brand and  through The Greatest Story Ever Worn campaign we aim to celebrate the legacy of the 501®, its unrivaled breadth and global relevance, and to inspire the next chapters.” – Chris Jackman, VP of Brand Marketing, Levi’s.

The first historically based film, Precious Cargo, shares the story of how 501® jeans made their way to Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970’s and how Jamaica turned and made them uniquely their own. Directed by Melina Matsoukas and shot by academy award nominated cinematographer Bradford Young, the film is a celebratory exploration of an island that’s distinct style, rhythm and soul has reverberated across the globe.

“Early Levi’s spots were some of the pieces that actually inspired me to pursue commercial filmmaking. It is an honor to now be part of their cinematic legacy. I always gravitate toward brands and creatives who lean into authentic storytelling and, with this piece, we were able to pay homage to a small but powerful story from the vast history of Levi’s. Everyone involved was willing to push the idea of commerciality and I believe that courage led to us creating a beautiful film.” – Melina Matsoukas

The second film, Fair Exchange, tells the story of a beloved family bellcow and the son who swapped the beast for a pair of 501® Jeans, much to his family’s dismay.   Directed by Martin de Thurah and shot by acclaimed cinematographer Kasper Tuxen, a cold Georgian winter is the backdrop to a film that explores 501® jeans as a beacon for something bigger – a dream.

And finally, the third film, Legends Never Die, tells the true story of one devoted Levi’s® wearer who requested to be buried in his 501® jeans – a final wish that many people have relayed to the brand over the years. This specific fan asked all funeral attendees to wear their 501® jeans too. Also directed by Martin de Thurah, the film is a beautiful reflection on the type of collective love that would inspire a group of people to show up in denim for a beloved family member and friend. It is a celebration of humanity and the inextricable connection between a man who truly lived in his Levi’s®  501® jeans.

“I was intrigued by the challenge to create little stories in a mini format that together tell an even bigger story. Levi’s is an iconic brand and being able to celebrate the 150th anniversary alongside my favorite people was a wonderful opportunity.” – Martin de Thurah

The launch of The Greatest Story Ever Worn kicks off the celebration of the 501® jeans’ 150th anniversary. More stories will be shared throughout 2023 along with milestone celebrations around the world.

Watch the films here:

Legends Never Die:

Fair Exchange:

Precious Cargo:

Film Credits:

Creative concept and direction: Droga5

Directors: Melina Matsoukas and Martin de Thurah

Photographer: Jason Nocito

Stylist: Mobolaji Dawodu


About Levi Strauss & Co.:

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel companies and a global leader in jeanswear. The company designs and markets jeans, casual wear and related accessories for men, women, and children under the Levi’s®, Dockers®, Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™, and Denizen® brands. Its products are sold in more than 110 countries and worldwide through a combination of chain retailers, department stores, online sites, and a global footprint of approximately 3,000 retail stores and shop-in-shops. Levi Strauss & Co.’s reported fiscal 2018 net revenues were $5.6 billion. For more information, go to

About Martin de Thurah:

Martin de Thurah is a Danish director, screenwriter, and photographer, known for creating beautiful and powerful moving images. His commercial for IKEA won ‘Best Direction’ at the Creative Circle Awards in 2008 and in 2009 he won MVA’s including ‘Best Director’, and a D&AD Pencil for his video for Will Young. Martin’s promo career is prolific, shooting for James Blake, Feist, Editors, Royksopp and David Byrne, picking up MVA’s and other awards along the way. This work has translated across to commercials effortlessly. His Thomson film was marked as one of the best works of 2011 and is still referenced by clients and agencies to date. In both 2014 and 2018 Martin was voted Commercials Director of the Year by the Directors Guild of America, one of the directing crafts highest accolades. Martin has won 35 D&AD awards including a Yellow Pencil for Direction. He has created jaw dropping work for Bupa, Facebook, Ubisoft, Thomson, PlayStation, Camelot, Hennessy and many more. His most awarded piece came in the form of ‘Phelps’ for Under Armour, which picked up 11 Lions in Cannes including the Grand Prix for Craft.

About Melina Matsoukas:

Melina Matsoukas is a filmmaker whose brand of provocation comes from a unique, inherently multicultural point of view focused on diverse storytelling. Matsoukas made her powerful feature directorial debut with QUEEN & SLIM, which she also produced, in 2019. Matsoukas began her television career as an executive producer and director of the critically acclaimed HBO series INSECURE; she has since continued to direct and executive produce a number of television shows, including the MASTER OF NONE Emmy-winning “Thanksgiving” episode. She has also brought her singular vision to music videos for artists such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga, and for global campaigns of major commercial clients such as Nike, Beats and Calvin Klein.

Are you in the market for a great duvet cover set that is both stylish and functional? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post we will take an in-depth look at some of the best designs on offer, exploring why they are so popular and which ones would be perfect for sprucing up your bedroom.

From classic florals to sleek modern prints, there is something here for everyone – no matter what your personal style may be! Let’s dive right into the world of duvet cover sets by Ideas and find out which ones you should buy today!

Moon Vista T-300 Duvet Cover Set

Moon Vista is a design worth checking out. Made of 100% cotton, this duvet cover set is durable, breathable and soft. The cream ethnic print on a purple base is beautiful and will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. The sheets are available in Double and King sizes.

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Looking for a bedding set that will offer you both comfort and style? Look no further than Coal! This 150-thread count duvet cover set is made from Easy Care fabric, which is durable and affordable. The set is wrinkle resistant, so you can spend less time fussing with them and more time enjoying your sleep. Available in tones of gray, muted gold, and white, our bedding set will add a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Offered in Single, Double, and King sizes, Coal is the perfect fit for your bed.

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Merlot T-200 Duvet Cover Set

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Queen Elizabeth II’s cause of death is listed as “old age”, in the register of deaths published on Thursday.

Paul Lowe, the registrar general for Scotland, verified that the Queen’s death was reported on September 16 in Aberdeenshire.

According to the record, the 96-year-old queen passed away on September 8 at 3:10 p.m. at Balmoral Castle in Ballater. Princess Anne registered her mother’s death.

Douglas James Allan Glass is noted as the certifying registered medical practitioner. There were no additional causes of death given, only old age. The doctor who certified the death at Balmoral in Aberdeenshire was Douglas Glass, whom Buckingham Palace says was an “apothecary to the Queen”.

According to the records, the Queen passed away just over three hours before Buckingham Palace released a statement at 6.30 p.m. announcing the news.

Old age is admissible if the physician who certified the patient’s death had provided long-term care, was unaware of any illness or injury that may have led to the patient’s demise, and had noticed a steady deterioration in the patient’s overall health and functional state.

During her later years, the Queen had intermittent mobility issues and frequently used a walking stick in public. She started using a walking stick after being hospitalized in a private London hospital in October of last year for “preliminary investigations” — her first overnight stay in eight years.

Global leaders recognised the contribution the Queen had given to the world over her 70-year reign, and on September 19, the world said goodbye to the monarch with a state funeral drenched in the spectacle.

Presidents, prime ministers, members of the royal family, and dignitaries gathered at Westminster Abbey for a solemn service as tens of thousands of people flocked to the nearby streets and the 25-mile route of the procession from central London to Windsor in an effort to see the sovereign’s flag-draped coffin as it traveled by hearse to her final resting place.

Relationship red flags are warning indications that your partner and you may have unhealthy patterns of conduct.

It’s common knowledge that we should avoid people who show red flags in relationships, but what specific warning signs should we be looking out for?

You might not be aware of the warning signs whether you’re dating someone new, have a long-term partner or are even married. Let’s look at some typical warning signs that can appear in every relationship. You can stop toxicity before too much harm is done by understanding what they look like and why they are dangerous.

Constant lying

It’s not a good indicator if you have to catch your partner lying all the time. We’re all guilty of white lies, but if you discover that your partner is lying frequently or getting caught, it’s a warning sign.

Being lied to repeatedly might make it challenging to establish a strong foundation for the relationship or tear one apart that you’ve already established, which can result in a shaky future.

Controlling Behaviour

If your spouse is envious, this could result in controlling behaviour. For instance, if you have a social life outside of your partnership, they can become envious. A jealous partner may also try to regulate your behaviour by making a lot of calls or texts to you.

Attempts to control normally begin gently but soon get more intense, leaving the person feeling as though nothing they do is “good enough.”

Lack of communication

In a healthy relationship, both partners can express their emotions freely without worrying about being judged or criticised.

A partner who resorts to blame-laying, passive aggression, or hostile emotional expression is engaging in poor communication. Since healthy, open communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship, issues will arise if you and your partner are unable to do so.

Physical, emotional, or mental abuse

In any relationship, signs of abuse—physical, emotional, and mental—are obvious. It’s simpler to start practising physical abuse. However, long-term harm from emotional and psychological abuse can be just as bad. PTSD can also result from emotional and mental trauma, much like physical violence.


A blatant red flag in any relationship is gaslighting. A typical form of manipulation is gaslighting. It is a deceptive sort of emotional abuse when the manipulator makes you doubt your judgement or sanity. Gaslighting victims are made to feel guilty even if they didn’t do anything wrong.

Anger issues

If someone close to you struggles with controlling their anger, confrontation may make you feel intimidated or dangerous. Lack of emotional control is a major relationship red sign.

With a companion or partner, we should all feel secure enough to discuss challenging topics without worrying about our safety. Anyone who intimidates others out of rage is acting in a destructive way.


A psychiatric disorder called narcissistic personality disorder shows a false sense of importance and self-obsession. Narcissists think that they are the centre of the universe. And if someone challenges this conviction, unrest and chaos frequently follow.

It can be draining and upsetting to become emotionally linked with a narcissistic, ego-driven person. Their requirements will always be given precedence over yours.

One of the biggest advantages of internet is that we all have access to a wealth of knowledge.  You can utilise this knowledge to educate yourself more and improve your chances of landing one of the greatest jobs.

The internet has a lot to offer, whether you’re five or 95. The internet is a wealth of information, especially when it comes to schooling. The best part is that a lot of top-notch websites are totally free.

Here are 7 exceptional websites where you can access hundreds of academic courses without paying a dime.


Codeacademy is an interactive platform that teaches students how to code in multiple different programming languages. Most free courses can be completed in less than 11 hours. Codeacademy also offers a premium plan for a monthly fee. Codeacademy has helped train more than 45 million learners in topics such as web development, programming, computer science and data science. Codeacademy alums work at Google, Facebook, IBM and Bloomberg, among other top companies.


Coursera has more than 35 million students, 150 university partners, 2,700 courses, 250 specialties, and four degrees. Coursera provides paid courses in addition to free ones, with prices typically ranging from $29 to $99. The cost of degrees and specializations is higher. Experts from the best colleges and universities in the globe teach the courses, which also feature recorded video lectures, public discussion forums, and graded and peer-reviewed coursework. For each course you pass, you can also get a certificate.

Khan Academy

A non-profit organisation called Khan Academy says its goal is to “give a free, world-class education for everyone, anywhere.  For children in kindergarten through the early stages of college, Khan Academy provides free lessons on a variety of subjects, including arithmetic, language, science and history.


The three impediments to traditional education—cost, location, and access—have been addressed by edX, a nonprofit organisation founded by Harvard and MIT. More than 20 million students are enrolled in 2,400 courses offered by the majority of the world’s top universities through edX.


A global education marketplace called Udemy has 30 million users, 100,000 courses in 50 different languages, 42,000 instructors, and 22 million video lesson minutes. Udemy enables content creators to design their own courses and deliver them online, in contrast to other online education sites that rely on content from institutions and universities.


Stanford Online is an education initiative at Stanford University that offers free online courses as well as other professional certificates, advanced degrees and executive education. Stanford Online offers courses from Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate schools, including Stanford Law School, Stanford Business School and Stanford Medical School, among others.


The modern learning portal Skillshare offers 26,000+ courses and an equally stylish app. The video content is of the highest calibre, as would be expected from a platform featuring renowned professors from the fields of leadership and entrepreneurship as well as media, design, art, and technology.

By providing practical projects and community-based learning, Skillshare sets itself apart. When you have a community of like-minded students nearby, you can easily stay motivated. Skillshare offers a selection of courses for free during the free trial to their premium subscription.

In terms of plot and themes, Pakistani English novels are among the most distinctive. Over the years, various themes have been emphasised in these novels. These novels discussed the hidden truths of society.  Here are the top 5 award-winning books written by renowned Pakistani authors that had a significant impact on readers around the world.

Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid

British-Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid’s first book, Moth Smoke, was released in 2000. It tells the story of a banker named Darashikoh Shezad from Lahore, Pakistan who loses his job, falls in love with his best friend’s wife, and then begins a life of crime and drug use.

 Hamid explains the theme of crime and punishment in this novel. This is clear from the fact that the main character has gone beyond his breaking point in love and ends up dealing drugs while losing control.

My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani

Tehmina Durrani is a Pakistani women’s right activist and author. She described her abusive marriage to Ghulam Mustafa Khar. The novel’s main themes centre on sexism and misogyny, the customary silence of women, and how their pride and dignity are dependent on the patriarchy of tribal leaders.

Ice Candy Man by Bapsi Sidhwa

Bapsi Sidhwa in her novel, Ice Candy Man focuses on the theme of partition of India along with several other themes. The brutal partition of India is depicted in the book through the eyes of Lenny Sethi, a young woman.

Sidhwa offers the most astounding perspective on strength, heartache, and terror. The way Partition is portrayed in Ice Candy Man exposes readers to the startling realities of that era’s society.

In Other Rooms, Other Wonders by Daniyal Mueenuddin

In Other Rooms, Other Wonders is a collection of short stories written by Pakistani American author Daniyal Mueenuddin. He has also worked as a journalist, lawyer, and a businessman.

In this book, Mueenuddin focuses on the timeless themes of desire, life, class, culture, and power. The book also examines a mental rivalry between Pakistan’s middle-class and elite social circle.

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

I am Malala is the autobiography of a young woman who defied death and absurd traditions. She became the voice of perpetually silent children, especially the girls of her town.

Her early life is described in the book, along with the ups and downs of the Taliban in Swat Valley and her struggles, hardships, and dangers.

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