In the modern era, jewelry can seem essential when it comes to enhancing ones demeanour. With everyone wanting to illustrate their personality by this means, UK-based jewelry brand ‘Moushe’ is specifically cultivated for those who want to enhance who they are through statements or subtle pieces. With a wide array of selections to choose from,  the globally renowned brand has taken the world by storm through its unique and intricate products, receiving credit in several esteemed publications, such as Vogue Arabia and The Glossary Magazine. And the best news is… Moushe is now available in Pakistan! The brand that allows a consumer to speak volumes through accessories without saying a word has finally arrived in the country and we are already awe-struck with all the trinkets. The expressive and playful jewelry designs are created beautifully with meaning attached to them much like other contemporary works of art. What distinguishes Moushe from others is how it follows 5 engraved pillars that signify something beyond the jewel itself:

Moushe prides itself on catering to the individual’s needs. It’s not just about one’s character shining through, beyond that, it’s a celebration of who you are through pieces that are exquisite and fun all at the same time. Individuality is portrayed in each of Moushe’s products. In this way, it allows for a person to express themselves in the best way they seem fit. To celebrate the individual with all their quirks and eccentricities the Moushe silhouette is made to garner the attention of many. Wearing Moushe jewelry is like wearing confidence as your best accessory.

Arrange, rearrange, mix it up, tear it down, stack along. Moushe is a sandbox of style and accessorizing, encouraging creativity and personalization. Playfulness is one of the central features of these jewels as each piece is distinct with a pop of color and the imaginative range of the products adds convenience through its interchangeability. By playing with unconventional designs, Moushe is continuously expanding the parameters of modern-day jewelry.

Femininity has also played a key role in the invention of Moushe’s jewelry pieces as they are all created as an embodiment of the modern woman. Moushe celebrates women in every way, stands for equality, and embraces diversity in all forms. The brand empowers women to hold their own and take pride in the skin they are in. The modern woman is anything she wants to be from bold and fearless, to quiet and astute. Moushe keeps all this in mind and makes pieces that enhance ones feminine side.

The finer things in life can always be admired everywhere you go. That’s why Moushe pieces always stand out in a crowd as something to be adorned. The pieces are tasteful thus, appreciated by a wide variety of people. Moushe presents itself as immaculate but not unreachable. Harmony and acceptance are at the heart of the brand hence, giving an approachable path into luxury.

Of course as a modern brand that is socially conscious, Mindfulness is a virtue that Moushe lives by.  Diversity, equality, sustainability and an element of ‘wokeness’ is what the brand functions on. Each piece caters to a wide audience using the knowledge that it will be worn by a completely distinct person with completely a unique set of interests. The planet, conservation, humanitarian, topics, empowerment are boundaries within which our brand flourishes.

Moushe has designed up to 5 unique collections including, Celestial Dreams, Wheel of Fortune, Sserpentine, Moushe Love and Bee My Honey, all of them completely different from the rest. Now that the jewelry brand with outstanding aesthetics has landed in Pakistan, we cannot wait to find the perfect pieces to match our personality!

Moushe’s sterling silver collection is now available in Pakistan. If you want to know more about Moushe click the link below:
Or head over to the Moushe Instagram page: @moushe_designs or search the hashtag #BeYouInEveryWay

Essential T-Shirts that every man should own this season!

Summer dressing is all about staying cool, wearing breathable fabric, and experimenting with cool colors and prints. Summers also mean a no-layer policy, making room for a shirt to take center stage. But who says fashion and comfort cannot go hand in hand! It certainly can and the newest range of Polos and Tees by Ideas Man is a perfect example of that.

We have put together a list of t-shirts from the Ideas Man Collection of Polos and Tees to save you the effort of looking for them. And with the ongoing GREAT SUMMER SALE, they are certainly worth picking up.


Basic T-shirts are a must-have wardrobe essential for men. Ideas Man has some great options available if you’re looking for a low-key vibe, but you can also dress them up too. We particularly love the high-quality cotton yarn material and snug fit of their basic t-shirts. We recommend basic black, navy, and white T-shirts from the ideas Man collection as a wardrobe must-have.


Look more put together this summer with the fashion t-shirts from the IDEAS Man collection. Whether you want to make a style statement with the bold color-block look or elevate your minimalistic fashion style, the collection has everything you need.  


Embrace your aesthetic and look effortlessly stylish with the IDEAS Man Graphic t-shirts. Stick to monochrome tones for an underrated fashion style. These go very well over distressed jeans, denim, or shorts. You can explore and choose your personal style from the wide variety of products available to add a touch of class and uniqueness to your outfit.


Classic Polos are a timeless man’s t-shirt and a wardrobe must-have. Combine them with chinos for a super cool and classy look or pair them with shorts for an outing with family and friends, casual trips, or an unofficial gathering with colleagues. Ideas Man has a great variety of Polos that you can choose from. Solid classic colors are definitely recommended for a perfect summer look.


Sports polos are another variation of t-shirts that are must-haves for the summer and Ideas Man has an amazing collection with durable fabric, sweat-absorbent material, and an exceptional fit. Perfect for a day out under the sun, wear them with shorts or jeans to complete the effortlessly stylish look.

All these great quality men’s t-shirts and polos are available online at and Ideas stores nationwide. So what are you waiting for? Buy now and avail great discounts before stock runs out.

The big fashion news is that Ideas has launched its own line of fragrances both for men and women. These fragrances are a must-have this season for their unique scent, durability, and economic price. These fragrances have been launched for both men and women and are sure to grab a secure place in your everyday life.

We are sharing our favorites as under:

For Men:


This fragrance falls in the category of fresh aromatic. It is a truly masculine fragrance that is made to stay for long. The top notes are that of lemon and orange along with black pepper; giving it a feel of a fresh start. The heart of this fragrance is Muguet , another favourite of men across the globe, whereas the base is a beautiful combination of Amber, vanilla, and musk. This is a perfect combination of ingredients making up a perfect perfume for HIM.


This fragrance is the perfect choice for a man who knows what is required to achieve what he has in mind. This perfume falls under the category of Chypre leathery and oriental. The top fragrance that is prominent is that of pepper followed by violet and orris, whereas the base is that of cypress making it an all-rounder perfume, This is a perfect gift choice to make the man in your life feel loved, valued, and appreciated.

For Women:


Spring represents flowers and their fragrance as well as nature and that is exactly how you will feel wearing Spring Times by Ideas. It is a mesmerizing combination of essence taken from red berries and tube roses whereas the heart of it is lilies, lilac, and jasmine. This fragrance is a true picture of femininity. It makes an ideal gift for your loved one.


This fragrance is for the lady who likes to be on top of the world. One who knows her true worth and wants to make all her dreams come true. This perfume falls in the category of floral musky. The rose, apricot, and peach give this fragrance a noticeable feel which is soft yet makes its mark. The white musk is what gives it a complete feel. This perfume can be worn to work as well as when you are heading out for some time with friends.


This is a sensual fragrance by Ideas that is sure to become one of your favorites right after the first spray. This comes under the category of fruity, floral, and musky. Not just the fragrance but you will also fall in love with its bottle which is of beautiful color and has a sensual appeal to it. This makes an ideal gift whether you are treating your own self or you are buying it for the love of your life.

This is just a sneak-peek into IDEAS FRAGRANCE Collection. We are sure you’ll find the perfect scent that completes you. Check out the entire range at or visit your nearest Ideas store.

The leaves are turning colors, and the hottest fall makeup trends are, too! Gone are the days of this summer’s no-makeup makeup looks. Style leaders are going bold this season, from brows to eyes to lips.

Keeping makeup light for the summer makes a lot of sense. With heat and humidity being a given every time you step outside in some parts of the world, it seems pointless to spend an hour on a full face that you may end up sweating off. But now that the weather is cooler, it’s time to experiment! You won’t have to worry about the heat as you apply these electrifying looks.

Makeup looks are still trending more natural than the baked-on full-face glam looks of the mid-2010’s. Highlighting individual features—a bold brow or a bold lip—is a great way to turn up the volume without going overboard.

Don’t get us wrong—we do still appreciate a good full beat, but for everyday looks, letting your skin breathe a bit can be a great feeling. Try a tinted moisturizer with a concealer for undereye bags, red spots, and blemishes, and build the rest of your look from there.

We turned to beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists as well as makeup lovers who share their looks on social media to scout for these trends.

Below are our nine favorites. We hope you enjoy!

1. Burgundy Lip

Going with a deep lip for the fall has been a go-to for many style icons for several autumns now, and this year is no exception. Something about the deep red screams warm-and-cozy. Here, Megan Fox rocks a cool tone burgundy lip and keeps the rest of her look light and simple to let the bold lip pop.

2. Bright, Lifted Blush

This in-from-the-cold look lifts the cheekbones and makes for a more youthful, energized appearance. Apply blush higher up the cheekbones than you think, and pair with a fire-engine red lip and a simple eye look for an updated take on a classic.

3. Terracotta Eyes

Warm oranges have been all the rage lately. The Naked Petite Heat Palette offers the perfect tones for achieving a look so warm you would swear it’s still summer. Whether you go for a more graphic look like this one or a more subtle, blended look, you’re sure to catch some eyes in this sweet terracotta color.

4. Soapy, Feathered Brows

As you’ll notice in most of these trend-spotting pictures, nearly everybody is rocking a slightly different brow look than the ones we’ve see in previous years. Trendsetters are going for an enhanced natural look, with the brows brushed upwards and gelled to stay that way. Though big, natural brows have been in for a while, you’ll notice that you can see each individual brow hair, a departure from other blocky brow looks.

5. Full Wispy Lashes

One of the best ways to complement any of the looks on this list are with a beautiful set of wispy lashes, like this set from Vibrantz Cosmetics. Full lashes draw attention to the eyes and define the upper line of the eye while making the eyes look larger and more doe-like. Whether the rest of the look is neutral or avant-garde, you can never go wrong by polishing off your look with a lovely set of lashes.

6. Reverse Foxy Eye

Move over, cat eye. The foxy eye is here. By applying a dark winged eyeliner on the undereye line, you’ll achieve this sultry look. The secret: smudging out the line so it blends seamlessly into the rest of the look. It’s the perfect combination of understated and dramatic.

7. Double Graphic Eyeliner

Bold, graphic eyeliner isn’t just for editorial magazine pieces anymore. Makeup lovers all over the world are bringing this exciting new trend to the streets and rocking it during the day and at night. You’ll need a steady hand to achieve this look. Whether you stick with traditional black and white liners or branch out and experiment with bold teals, magentas, and neons, you’ll turn heads as you walk by.

8. Lilac Eyeshadow

If mint green was the color of the summer, lilac is vying for the spot for the color of the fall. This beautiful hue might remind us of spring, so it brings some much-needed vibrancy to the fall months as they start to get dreary. Pairing a pop of bright lavender lilac eyeshadow with a nude lip will bring out your eyes like crazy. Trust us.

9. Black Waterline Liner

The mid-2000s called, and they want their eyeliner back! We’ve missed you, waterline eyeliner. They mean it when they call it the waterline because you might just tear up a little bit as you apply pencil liner to your upper and lower waterlines. But don’t fret! This look is so daring and intriguing that you’ll feel powerful while stepping out.

When choosing a bold makeup trend to try this fall, consider your outfit for the day. Sometimes, pairing a bold eye looks, like the double graphic eyeliner, with a simple outfit made up of mostly staples and basics, can make hitting the streets in a look outside of your comfort zone easier.

You could also try pairing your lilac or terracotta eyeshadow looks with a lilac or terracotta monochrome outfit for a chic, high-fashion vibe. Once you start letting your wardrobe and your styling work together, you’ll be in heaven. We also recommend Vibrantz Cosmetics eyelashes and their products for makeup.

Just a reminder: Take good care of your skin as the air turns colder. Especially dry skin types should maintain a cleansing and moisturizing routine that allows your skin to maintain the same health you enjoyed when the humidity helped keep your skin hydrated. And as always, drink plenty of water!

Team Paperazzi recently visited Zainab Salman’s studio nestled between Gulberg’s popular residential area near Firdous Market, a spacious store showcasing a large variety of luxury pret.

Upon entering the studio, we were greeted by the lovely staff who guided us around the single floor studio. Across the studio were many mannequins wearing both old and new collections, alongside racks of beautifully organised outfits. You can tell an organised mind is at work here.

Zainab Salman was on our fashion radar for a while, especially in Ramadan because famous actress Ayeza Khan chooses Zainab Salman each time for her Ramadan transmissions. Who can forget the chemistry between Meenu and Faazi in the famous drama Chupke Chupke with Meenu in a pink outfit being picked up at the gate by Faazi? This year again Ayeza Khan has chosen to wear Zainab’s upcoming collection in Chaudhry and sons.

If the brand is known for one thing, it is ruffles! It seems Zainab loves to add playful ruffles to her dupattas and now in her new collection to sleeves. Another thing that stood out for us is the detailed and delicate work, more along the lines of Karachi designers. Lahore-based designers use a lot of gota and heavy embellishments, but Zainab’s work is on the finer side, more for people who appreciate the detailed thread work and sequins, along with edgier cuts. Her fabric for her summer collection was breathable cotton silk, and it was a refreshing change to see formals that can be worn in the sweltering heat without melting down faster than Will Smith at an Oscar.

Zainab’s  magnificent lehnga cholis deserve a special mention. After a long time we have seen a monochrome and all white number that has caught our attention; a stunning black one with an embroidered choli and ruffled lehnga. The other one was a classic white on white one with embroidery and scallop detailing on the edges, we could easily say it is our pick for the upcoming season.

Another standout outfit for Eid was an apple green outfit from  her luxury pret collection.  The shirt had an embroidered neckline, ruffles on the sleeves, and lace work on the hem paired with matching pants.

There is something for everyone in that studio whether you are looking to wear a classic outfit or step out of your comfort zone! There are very few designers who have it all and give it all, and Zainab Salman is one of them.

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