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According to a key study released on Monday, those who use hair-straightening treatments repeatedly may have a markedly increased chance of acquiring uterine cancer.

The study’s lead author, Alexandra White of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Safety (NIEHS), said in a statement: “We estimated that 1.64% of women who never used hair straighteners would go on to develop uterine cancer by the age of 70, but for frequent users, that risk goes up to 4.05%.

“However, it’s critical to consider the context of this knowledge. According to her, uterine cancer is a rather uncommon form of the disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), uterine cancer continues to be the most prevalent gynecologic cancer in the United States, with rates growing, particularly among Black women.

33,947 racially varied women between the ages of 35 and 74 were followed by researchers for an average of approximately 11 years. Uterine cancer struck 378 women at the time.

After taking into consideration the participants’ other risk factors, researchers found that women who used straightening products more than four times in the previous year had more than 2.5 times greater odds of having uterine cancer.

Less frequent straightener usage during the previous year was also linked to an increased risk of uterine cancer, but this association was not statistically significant, suggesting that it might have simply been a coincidence.

In the research, there was no difference in the relationship between uterine cancer risk and race. However, “these findings may be even more significant for them because Black women use hair straightening or relaxer products more often and tend to commence use at younger ages than other races and ethnicities,” Che-Jung Chang of NIEHS stated in a statement.

The brands or contents of the hair products used by study participants were not gathered by the researchers. However, they pointed out in the research that a number of chemicals, including parabens, bisphenol A, metals, and formaldehyde, that have been discovered in straighteners may contribute to the elevated risk of uterine cancer and that some of these chemicals have endocrine-disrupting capabilities.

Due to the possibility for greater absorption via the scalp, which burns and lesions brought on by straighteners might intensify; chemical exposure from hair products like straighteners could be more worrying than that from other personal care items.

Mahnoor Rahim is a model and a curly hair influencer who didn’t know her hair was curly until 2018 and would straighten it every day for university just like everyone else. Her styling and hair videos are packed with fun vibes and are a treat to watch.

What makes her stand out is the tips and advice she gives to people who have curly hair and don’t know what to do with them. She helps people embrace their natural curly/wavy texture using an easy version of the Curly Girl Method, CGM as we know it. There’s always been a stigma around curly hair for being unruly, “chirya ka ghonsla”, unprofessional, and wild as beauty standards start and end with straight blow-dried hair, that’s what Mahnoor is set out to break.

Cancel your keratin appointment! It’s not worth it. Read this article where she shares super easy steps on how to manage and take care of curly hair.

Step 1: Wash

Wash and condition your hair as normal. I suggest using curl-friendly products like Coco Curls.

Step 2: Take Gel or Curl Cream

Apply a dime-sized curl cream or gel or both together for each section of your hair. Here I’m using a curl cream from Curl Lit. Make sure your hair is soaking wet throughout the process.

Step 3: Apply

Rake it through your hair like this, in a praying hand motion. Again, hair needs to be really wet, this helps keep frizz away.

Step 4: Squish and Dry

 Squish or scrunch your hair like this, let them air dry and you’re done! You can also squish your hair with a silk scarf or a cotton t-shirt to get rid of excess product and water.

Step 5: You are done

Voila! You are done. Flaunt your curls with confidence.

Fall has a way of always feeling like a new beginning. What better way to channel that than with the coolest fall haircuts for 2022?

The best thing about transitioning into fall is that it’s the ideal time to experiment with a new haircut, whether that means drastically cutting off all your chlorine-damaged ends or adding new layers to bring attention to your best features while also freshening your present length.

We have compiled the best fall haircuts for various hair lengths.

Draped Layers:

Face-framing layers often referred to as draped layers, were popular in the 1990s and the first decade of the 2000s. For a striking appearance, the layers should be clipped around your face at various lengths to highlight your features. The pro explains that the thin styling cream acts as a heat protector while providing hold and gloss. You may get the bouncy movement in front by using a round brush, which should be rubbed inward to highlight all the layers around the face.

Sliced Bob:

The sliced bob, a short to a medium haircut that is trimmed in a blunt length to appear both traditional and trendy, is popular among celebrities. Using a pair of scissors to cut through the hair’s ends, is accomplished while maintaining a blunt overall outline and giving the hair shape rather than layers. A hair oil and serum that will make the hair pop, keep it hydrated, and prevent breaking at the corners are what stylists advise for a salon-style finish.

Curtain Bangs:

Want to alter without sacrificing length? A set of curtain bangs may completely transform any hairdo.

Curtain bangs keep their length while bringing a fresh punch to the face, emphasizing the eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

For a more “always framed” appearance, they can start shorter from the brow arch to the nose, or longer around the lip and nose tip for a more adaptable curtain that can be tucked and pulled back.

The Shag:

The shag continues to be a popular hairstyle season after season because few haircuts are as adaptable as it. The style suits all hair textures and can be worn with or without bangs. 

With carved-out petals and shorter spherical layers across the crown, you may add easy movement, a rock-and-roll spirit, and low-maintenance styling. Although it can work for straighter textures as well, it is ideal for individuals with waves and curls.

Classic Bangs

Bangs in the summer’s heat and humidity are only for the strong-willed, but sporting fringe in the fall’s cooler temperatures is considerably easier. Furthermore, bangs are a simple approach to update your appearance without doing a major makeover. Making the decision to trim your bangs can be intimidating, but fall is the ideal season if you’re itching for some face-framing fringe.

When it comes to being active and eating properly, we are all aware of the significance of making good selections. However, have you ever given any thought to the products you apply to your body? Choosing safe cosmetics is a crucial choice you can make for your health because up to 60% of what you put on your skin enters your system.

The term “clean beauty” describes cosmetics free of artificial chemicals and elements that may irritate or harm the skin, including parabens, phthalates, oxybenzone, and synthetic perfumes.

In addition to having beautiful smells, textures, and experiences, clean-beauty products also have nutritious, nourishing components and perform exceptionally well.

Other terms like organic, green, cruelty-free, or natural could also be used to describe the clean beauty trend. Many clean beauty products market these catchphrases, even though some may not. We want to deconstruct them for you:


Organic strictly refers to products farmed without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or any other artificial element. Organic is the most strictly regulated phrase out of all of them.

“A product must be at least 95% synthetic-free ingredients to be termed organic.” Under the provisions of the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the FDA strictly regulates the use of the term “organic.” Any USDA-certified organic beauty product must be certified by an approved agent, indicating that the components were grown, handled, and packed in accordance with the necessary regulations.


Many progressive beauty firms are pressuring consumers to be good to animals in the same way that clean beauty has pushed people to be kind to their own skin.

Animal experimentation in the cosmetics sector has a very long history. Fortunately, that is steadily but gradually changing. More and more products are available that are cruelty-free. A company or product must not subject animals to testing at any stage of production, nor may it employ components obtained at the expense of the wellbeing of the animal, to be labeled cruelty-free.


This phrase frequently appears in conjunction with “clean beauty,” and we welcome it. Because being “green” denotes that a product has no negative environmental impact. All aspects of the product, including its production, contents, packaging, and use, must not harm the environment. This is a fantastic step toward environmentally friendly, sustainable beauty that benefits both people and the world.


This buzzword is possibly the most deceptive of all of them.

Essential oils are frequently referred to as natural components on product labels. Because their impact on your skin and health can radically change depending on their concentration, essential oils can be tricky to use in cosmetic products.

 Essentially, essential oils are very potent plant chemicals. They can drastically damage your skin’s protective barrier if they are not properly designed. Essential oils used in commercial items frequently undergo some level of regulation.

Nashmiya Adil is a model, stylist, and fashion content creator based in Karachi. She has a creative, edgy, and distinctive style. She shares outfit ideas, various styling techniques, and how to accentuate a look with additional accessories.

If you are tired of styling your classic white kurta in the same boring way, follow these five exquisite ways to style a white kurta shared by Nashmiya.

Boho look:

 Pair your white kurta with a white shalwar and a bright printed cami top inside the kurta to add more colors to the look. Complete the look with a bunch of necklaces and a paranda for a boho look.

Cropped pants:

Style a basic chikenkaari kurta with cropped pants for a go-to look. Keep all your accessories black like a handbag, shoes, and Jhumkey.

White shalwar and koti:

To do something fun and different with your look pair the kurta with white shalwar and a koti. You can also add some dangling earrings to complete the look.

Cotton saree:

Due to its basic nature, the white color leaves ample opportunities to style it. Pair the kurta with a printed cotton saree to create a unique look. Make sure that the base color of the saree matches the white kurta. Experiment with a pearly jhumkey and a gold Kolhapuri to go with the look.

Embroidered shalwar and necklace:

If you wish to add more aesthetics to the look, then the easiest way to do this is by pairing it with a yellow or any colourful embroidered shalwar. Add an afghani necklace to complete the look.

Going outside is a fantastic way to get vitamin D, relieve stress, and engage in physical activity. By avoiding the sun, you may work and play outdoors without increasing your chance of developing skin cancer.

Too much ultraviolet (UV) light exposure is the primary cause of most skin diseases. It’s essential to shield yourself from UV radiation all year long, not just in the summer. On cloudy and chilly days, UV rays can penetrate your skin and reflect off things like water, cement, sand, and snow.

Take the following safety measures when you go outside:


By finding shade under a tree, umbrella, or shelter, you can lower your risk of skin cancer and UV damage.


Before going outside, put on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to block UVA and UVB radiation. Remember to apply a generous layer to any exposed skin. For difficult-to-reach areas like your back, get assistance. Also, keep in mind that sunscreen functions best when paired with other measures.

The sun protection factor (SPF), a number that evaluates how efficiently UV rays are blocked by sunscreens, is assigned to each sunscreen. More protection is indicated by higher numbers. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is advised.

Sunscreen wears off. If you spend more than two hours in the sun, go swimming, perspire, or towel off, put it back on.


Sunglasses shield your eyes from UV rays and lessen your chance of developing cataracts. Additionally, they shield the delicate skin surrounding your eyes from the sun’s rays.


For optimum protection, wear tightly woven, dark-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants.  Certain types of fibers also provide more protection than others. Unbleached cotton absorbs UV rays, while polyester and silk with a high sheen reflect UV radiation.


Wear a hat that covers your face, ears, and the back of your neck and has a wide brim all the way around for maximum protection. The ideal material to shield your skin from UV rays is one that is densely woven, like canvas. Avoid wearing straw hats with sun-seeking holes. A hat that is darker might provide additional UV protection.

Sustainable fashion focuses on clothing that’s designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly.  Lowering CO2 emissions, dealing with overproduction, cutting waste and pollution, promoting biodiversity, and making sure that garment workers are paid fairly and have safe working conditions are all essential to the sustainability matrix.

Here are some ways to support sustainable fashion:

Buy Less

One of the best ways to protect the environment is to purchase fewer, higher-quality garments. Not only does it conserve the resources needed to make new garments, but it also reduces the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills.

Shop your own wardrobe

Consider how you can make what you already own look brand-new rather than purchasing entirely new items every season. Look at the accessories you haven’t worn in a while that you could add to a current ensemble to make it more interesting. Combine elements to create new looks. Have fun and use your imagination!

Shop second-hand

Across the world, there are second-hand stores. Additionally, a lot of websites and apps provide a variety of second-hand clothing options, from the cheapest to brand-name garments. Buying pre-loved items will increase the longevity of these clothes and lessen the environmental effect of your closet.

Buy Higher Quality

Even if it costs a bit more, investing in higher-quality, more durable clothes that you can see yourself wearing often over the years can also be beneficial because it will likely stay in your closet for longer.

Buy Natural Fabrics

Purchasing natural fibres is better for the environment as well as for you because synthetic fibres can itch and make you perspire more. Two examples of natural fibres that make excellent fabrics and clothing include cotton and bamboo.

In a relatively short period of time, Paragon salon, which is situated in the centre of the city, has elevated to the status of the town’s hotspot. You can feel calm and comfortable by getting beauty services at this location.


First and foremost, we were impressed by how aesthetically attractive the Paragon salon was. It has stunning earthy and sepia tones. What truly struck our attention was the interior’s eccentricity, including the motorbike and the neon “keep it classy” sign. The décor of most salons is far gaudier and more feminine, but we felt that this salon’s gender neutrality was a true step in the direction of equality.


A salon is notable for the services it provides to its clientele and Paragon offers an extensive range of those. From simple to professional haircuts, facials, meni-pedis, beauty regimens, and SO MUCH MORE, you have a wide range of alternatives to pick from.


We love it when a salon understands that luxury can be affordable as well! The pricing at Paragon Salon did not cost us an arm and a leg and is quite on the competitive rate that you will find in the market. What thrilled us the most? You could get packages tailor made to your preference, as a bonus they might throw in a discount or two!


A place is made or broken by the professionalism of its staff, and at Paragon Salon, they have the best staff ever. The staff was courteous to the utmost level, as well as well-aware of their duties to the salon. We felt truly pampered as all our needs were catered throughout the clock. Isn’t around the clock pampering all that a girl’s dreams are made of?

Our most favourite service?

HAIRCUT! Though our preferences of the kind of haircut we want for ourselves may vary (and sometimes, we’re just looking to tame the beast of tangles), we can all agree on one thing: we want a good haircut. Actually, no, we want a fantastic haircut! 

So, if you’re looking for a salon with exceptional haircut and hairstyling services, Paragon Salon is where you need to go! 

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, makeup tips and tricks are always helpful for a seamless experience and dealing with mishaps. Use these brilliant makeup tricks to achieve your best look.

1. Apply concealer in a triangle
To hide bags or puffiness under our eyes, most of us are used to applying concealer in a semi-circular motion. But for best results, apply the concealer under your eyes in a triangle, extending it almost to the tip of your nose. This method of concealer application brightens your face and makes your eyes the centre of attention.
2. Apply White or Nude Eyeliner to your Waterline or Lower Lash Line
A dark colour on the bottom lash line can make the eyes appear smaller and drawn down, but white has the opposite effect. White eyeliner is a trick used by makeup artists to brighten the face and give the appearance of larger, more awake eyes, especially when applied to the bottom waterline.
3. Powder Your Lashes
Applying a layer of powder will help you achieve longer, thicker lashes without applying ten coats of mascara or falsies.  After applying your first coat of mascara, lightly dust your lashes with loose powder to give them the appearance of being thicker and adding volume. To hide the dustiness, apply a second coat of mascara. You’ll notice the difference for yourself.
4. Make your Eyeshadow Really Pop
If you’re stuck with a less pigmented eyeshadow or you want that extra pop of colour, this is where that white eyeliner pencil comes in. Create a white base by filling in your eyelids with a white eyeliner pencil first, to get that pop of colour.
5. Scotch tape for a perfect wing
Use the scotch tape technique for a flawless wing. Simply apply a piece of Scotch tape in an angular pattern to the sides of your eyes and let the ends guide you to create amazing wing eyeliner. As a guide, you can also use a spoon, business card, debit card, or pretty much anything else with a straight edge.

Eid is all about fam jams, food and dressing up. These fashionistas brought their A-game this Eid and we’re here for it!

Alishay Adnan in a stunning black number by Mariyam D Rizwan.

Sasha Raja looked gorgeous in this pink silk saree by Shamsha Hashwani.
Mahira Khan & Feeha Jamshed slayed together this Eid. Love how they’re carrying the look!

Minimal chic at it’s best. Amna Hassan Tahir looked lovely!

Trust Sabeeka Imam to do it right. Sleek pony looks so trendy and is a perfect hairdo for a hot day.

Amna Babar looked super chic in this fuchsia outfit by Sadaf Kanwal Fashion Line. Less is always more!

Sona Rafiq is such a diva in this printed silk kaftan by Farah Talib Aziz.

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