Bennysbybenediction, the latest venture by the duo behind Benediction, Hannan & Hania, is now welcoming the public. This place seamlessly combines bakery, patisserie, and Test Kitchen.

The branding, ambiance, and overall atmosphere radiate beauty, akin to a Pinterest dream—a perfect setting for capturing Instagram-worthy content and enjoying the charming vibes.

Our culinary exploration through the menu introduced us to favorites like the Salmon & Cream Cheese Chopped Bagel and the Shredded Roast Beef Melt in Sourdough Ciabatta—truly delicious!

Executive Pastry Chef Farman served us luscious gluten-free orange cake, super moist and bursting with flavor. Try it before the conclusion of the Orange season. 

With a diverse array of pastry desserts and other items available at Benny’s, Team Paperazzi is already looking forward to the next visit!

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