While a smartphone, tablet, or computer can be a very useful tool, excessive usage of these gadgets can have a negative impact on relationships, jobs, and education. It may be time to re-evaluate your technology use if you find that you spend more time on social media or playing video games than you do engaging with actual people.

You may overcome the habit and achieve a better balance in your online and offline lives by using these suggestions.

Put your phone aside one day of the week:

 Take active measures to control your cell phone use. Set your phone away one day every week (often a Saturday or Sunday). Make it a habit after that.

Modify the phone’s settings:

One of the most popular suggestions for limiting cell phone use is to change your phone’s settings.

The most typical suggestions are:

Set a longer passcode, use airplane mode, disable notifications, change the screen to black and white, remove distraction-generating apps from your home screen, and enable do not disturb.

Delete addictive apps:

Your likelihood of using your phone decreases with the reduction in the need to glance at it. Consider removing the app that gets the most use on your device.

Try removing certain apps from your phone for a few days, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or several games you play excessively. After a few days, if you feel more in control of your phone usage, you might think about reinstalling some of them.

Don’t charge your phone near your bed:

Do you want to know a wonderful way to put your phone away? Don’t charge it in your bedroom.

By keeping your cell phone out of your bedroom, you can avoid many of the side effects of excessive use such as bad sleep and hampered communication.

Make it difficult to use smartphones:

When we keep our gadgets next to our bedside tables, in our purses, or our pockets, we make it far too simple for someone to take them up and start browsing. The theory is that if you give something a little friction or deterrence, people will be less likely to do it.

You can make your device just functional enough to save you the effort of checking it by putting it in another room or locking it away. It might be enough of a deterrent to limit your use if you do something as easy as wrapping your phone in a hairband.

Apps for productivity:

The app gives you the power to change bad habits by giving you the flexibility to set your time limits with features like “alerts,” “take a break,” and “planned breaks.” When necessary, these capabilities can assist you in managing and restricting your consumption.

Get over your fear of missing out:

Learn to accept the possibility of missing out on things. When we check our phones most of the time, we find nothing interesting. Each of us has the ability to rule our own lives. Use your ability to break free from your phone and resume enjoying life.

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