There are many reasons to be enthusiastic about the fall season, but as summer gives way to fall and the climate shifts, so does the way our skin responds to the different temperatures.  More humidity is frequently present in the summer, which helps moisture stay in the skin and maintain its barrier. With heaters running throughout the colder months, the air both inside and outside becomes drier. When skin begins to dry out, the barrier may become compromised, leading to increased sensitivity, dryness, and irritation.

With these fall skincare tips, discover how to keep your summer glow all year long!

Stay Moisturized

 If your skin has a tendency to dry out quickly upgrade to more moisturising skincare products. For the best results, search for products that contain hyaluronic acid and glycerin. You should also moisturise your entire body to achieve healthy-looking skin from head to toe.

While dermatologists emphasize the need to keep your skin hydrated, using too much moisturiser is also a possibility. Your skin may feel oily and your pores may clog if you cover your face in thick creams and lotions. If that describes you, you might want to switch to a moisturising spray or mist for less coverage.

Invest in a humidifier

While keeping your skin out of the cold is a good idea, artificial indoor heat can also negatively impact your complexion.

The majority of contemporary houses and workplaces rely on central heating systems that remove moisture from the air. To prevent your home’s air from becoming too dry, skincare experts advise making a little bedroom humidifier investment.

Avoid Hot water:

There is nothing better than returning home and soaking in a hot tub or enjoying a steamy shower when the weather is frigid outside. These hobbies are soothing, but they may not be the best for your skin.

You will become drier the hotter the water is. Hot water inflames the skin and obstructs the skin’s normal oil production, similar to sunburn. Dermatologists advise using less intense heat when showering to avoid this and protect your skin.

Carefully pat your skin dry with a towel after exiting the tub or shower rather than rubbing it. This helps your skin maintain moisture and prevents over exfoliation.

Continue Using Sunscreen:

You should continue wearing sunscreen even if you aren’t going to the beach anymore. Your skincare routine should always include a broad-spectrum 30 SPF sunscreen, not just in the summer.

Use a lip moisturizer and eye cream:

 In the cooler months, if these two weren’t already a part of your skincare routine, they should be. The addition of these items moisturizes your lips and the skin around your eyes, just as you should switch to a thicker moisturizer. Lip and eye treatments aid with this transition because our skin dislikes abrupt changes.

Drink plenty of water:

Stay hydrated in cool fall weather by carrying water. While there are a variety of views on how much water should be consumed daily, four to six glasses is a fair guideline for generally healthy individuals. Your doctor might advise you to drink more if you’re taking specific drugs or exercising frequently.

You may still stay hydrated even if you have difficulties remembering to drink water by include hydrating foods in your diet. Strawberries, lettuce, melons, and cucumbers all have high water content and low sugar level.

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