LifestyleMy Space 15.04.2020

Yousaf Shahbaz, Strata, Lahore.

BY Asif

True to the spirit of an artist, Yousaf Shahbaz gave us a quick tour around his beautiful Lahore studio! Unique installations, great furniture and fun accent pieces are a true reflection of not only his experimental sense of design, but his spunky and easygoing personality.

“Even though everything is manufactured in Pakistan, there are techniques that people aren’t acquainted with and for that reason, we cannot outsource and have to produce everything in house.”

“There is always a temporary muse in mind but not necessarily an audience.”

“My approach is process-oriented instead of design-based and the product is evolved by working very closely with and understanding the client, company or brand.”

“You have to live in a space and it should represent you. You cannot be expected to be comfortable in a space that is different from your personality & feels alien to you.”