FeaturesIn the Spotlight 13.08.2020

Wrap it up!

BY paperazzi

In conversation with the Team Behind Luxe Gift Wrap!

Tell us about Luxe Gift Wrap?
Our ideology is simple, providing the most luxurious, innovative and fuss-free gift wrapping and gift-giving service alongside bespoke favours. We believe in using the best, and our products are sourced from both local and international luxury retailers.
The perfect gift for any occasion is a form of art and most people don’t have the time or expertise to reach that pinnacle alone, so that’s where we step in!

What was your inspiration behind starting the LGW?
This one’s easy: our mother. Growing up, she would give us the most unique gifts wrapped in the most extraordinary way! Her vision is so spectacular, we couldn’t help but share her talents with the world.

When did you start this gift wrapping service?
Planning for the business started in the summer of last year, but we officially kicked off in October 2019.

How long did it take to launch your business?
From planning to officially executing and sourcing all the products it took just under a year. We wanted to research the market and fill the gaps so that we truly stand out.

Tell us about the different products and services you offer?
At LGW, there’s something for everyone. From unique floral and fruit arrangements, to breathtaking wedding favours, special birth announcement giveaways, birthday favours, baby baskets and everything else in between. We also provide exclusive desserts in collaboration with the nation’s best, Ganache and offer gift wrapping services for all occasions.

In your opinion what do you think makes Luxe Gift Wrap different from the rest?
We are perfectionists and are determined to make every detail count! Small things like our wrapping paper and ribbons even are source from England, UAE, Canada and America. Our creative vision is completely different to what you’ve seen before and we aim to create magical moments for you and your loved ones every time.

How hard is it to satisfy clients with your work? Have you ever dealt with difficult clients?
In any business you face difficulties, but with a cool head and reasoning there isn’t any complication you can’t overcome. We haven’t had any major disasters as of yet, let’s hope it stays that way, haha!

Do you have any major competitors?
There is so much talent in the industry here and we’re just newbies not trying to step on anyone’s toes. We’re firm believers that as long as your ideas and concepts are unique, there’s no reason why we can’t all work together.

How do you manage working in such a wide network stretching from UK to Pakistan and more?
Thanks to the digital age! Our reps are based globally but we are in touch constantly. We aim to deliver the best, and communication is key in any business.

Where do you see Luxe Gift Wrap in the next 5 years? Are you considering opening up a store?
We’ve had a great start and overwhelming response from the beginning, so we can only hope and work towards building our clientele and customers while never compromising on quality. A store is definitely on the line, and Paperazzi will be the first to know when news breaks!