FashionStyle file 19.04.2020

When in Quarantine, wear jeans!

BY paperazzi
Think positive and positive things will happen. This too shall pass ♥️
Wearing jeans dafter literally a month! It feels so good honestly – Mashaal Malik

Neha Maneka  
You do not find a happy life, you MAKE IT! I wore my jeans after 3-4 weeks and man it felt good! 

Ramina Maripova
Love conquers all! Wore my jeans after a month! Had a deja vu while dressing up and almost cried.

Sana Shah 
Wore jeans after so many days today, surprisingly they were lose considering the amount of cooking and eating I have been doing.

Fatima Batool 
Hope for a better future, have faith and trust in God.  Wore my jeans after 15 days! 

Numra Waqas
Wore jeans after a month and they definitely feel tighter. On the flip side, quarantine has helped me improve my cooking skills. This time should be used to learn new skills and improve!

Kiran Malik
Some days are just hard but there is hope in tomorrow. So put on your positive pants !! This shall pass! P.s I wore my jeans after three weeks.