NEWS & ENTERTAINMENTWhat's Happening? 12.05.2020

What’s Happening!

BY Asif

Since it has become seemingly impossible to go out and explore events that are happening within our city, we have compiled a list of online platforms that are offering live classes or sessions on their channels.

Online Programme: Strategies for Teaching and Learning Fractions
The Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development announces an exclusively online continuing education programme: strategies for teaching and learning fractions by mathematics expert, Dr Munira Amirali. Mathematics teachers, coordinators/head of mathematics departments, textbook writers, teacher education college faculty, parents and tutors can register.

Digital Marketing Quick Learning – Free Workshop Online
  The Omni Academy – a training, consulting and digital marketing firm, offers a digital marketing quick Learning free workshop online for you to utilize your free time in the best possible way. Join these online classes and free workshops.

Being Anchored in an Age of Turbulence by Abbas Husain
The Research Professionals host an online session of synopsis writing. The salient features of this workshop include:
Easy applications with exercises | Simple Handouts | Certification

Learning Must Not Stop
While the tragic global pandemic COVID-19 spreads around the world, the vast majority of us are confined to our homes. There is much to mourn, and much to be grateful for. Let’s tackle this global pandemic with positivity and join in support of all those you care about during this challenging time. Share your tribute to your loved ones in video/audio format via email or WhatsApp.