NEWS & ENTERTAINMENTWhat's Happening? 06.05.2020

What’s happening!

BY Asif

Since it has become seemingly impossible to go out and explore events that are happening within our city, we have compiled a list of online platforms that are offering live classes or sessions on their channels.

Webinar: Everyday fun with mathematical patterns

Join Mathematics expert, Dr Munira Amirali, for useful tips and advice on improving numeracy skills of your children at home. Parents of children 6 to 10 years old can join this session. This session is free and exclusively online.

Webinar- conversation from LA to Karachi
Anila Ali, CEO of CalPak, will co-host a live show on the 3rd of May, with women’s rights activist, Maria Wasti. The pair will be talking to Mrs. Yasmin Ali (Jazz) Zaidi, a designer, merchandiser, influencer and an animal activist. Also joining them will be Mrs. Samina Iqbal Qasim, motivational speaker, teacher, author, as well as an animal rights activist.

Being Anchored in an Age of Turbulence by Abbas Husain
This 3-hour session will reflect on a profound question: what are the perennial truths that matter? Explore your inward selves with tools and ideas you don’t often get a chance to do, with open hearts and minds.  This session will offer the participants a set of unique tools and mindset changing ideas about how to navigate daily living in an age of over-stimulation.

AKU Virtual Open Day
Are you interested in studying at AKU’s Institute for Educational Development? Join them for an online open day and get comprehensive information about admission to the Master of Education, MPhil in Education and PhD in Education programs. Participation in this event is free.