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Watch Leyna Bloom’s Nighttime Skincare A2

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“Make the transition to winters by pairing your go-to winter pants with a jacket or an embellished top, and perk up a jumpsuit by teaming it with a vibrant wrap. It’s about making a statement,” Safinaz said of the transition to chilly weather-wear. I caught up with the duo during a few busy moments as they were giving the last minute touches to their models before being whisked away on the runway for a solo showcase for PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2017, in Lahore. Anyone would have been at the end of their tether at such a crucial moment but I have to give it to her for keeping her calm before the final call came. There’s something absolutely heavenly when you have a line by Sana Safinaz sent down the runway, with an abundance of lace appliqués and overlapping ruffles for that floating-on-the-clouds look.‘’

They are our quintessential divas, women who knew very early on what they wanted to do in life and kept their goals focused. Despite a bumpy ride, Sana and Safinaz proved that they had endured the many scathing reviews for their past collections in style.

These criticisms have made them more determined. As Safinaz told me, “It’s of vital importance to feel fulfilled in one’s life. We don’t take our achievements or anything else for granted. We are humbled by everything good that comes our way.” Indeed, the brand has cemented its reputation as one of the most influential fashion houses. The Sana Safinaz bride is distinguishable in a sea of people. Their bridals are known for their bling but they are never over the top or ostentatious. They “strive to find that delicate balance between a design that can be heavily worked and amply embellished but which is still tasteful, beautiful and well put together”.

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