Health & Fitness 30.03.2020

This too shall pass!

BY Asif

We asked some people what they miss the most about normalcy while being in quarantine! Here’s what they had to say..

“Tremendously miss being at IronBox with my girls! – Komal Ali
“Miss working out” – Amnah Maqsood

“I miss my work the most being in quarantine. since i do events and have no idea when this will end. I miss work the most.” – Aamir Mazhar

“Traveling …  this photo is from Cappadocia, Turkey last year” – Samra Muslim

“My work is my passion. I have been into PR and marketing from the past 3 years, my work excites me. Everyday was a new challenge, bringing in new ideas, working tirelessly for my clients. And now since we are home bound I am missing my work.” – Haddiya Aazer

“I have the most fun colleagues to work with! I am not just missing them but also our work trips. Its Work from home mode across the country and ofcours you cant even imagine travelling as its all shut” – Umair Mirza