Health & FitnessLifestyle 13.01.2020

The Yoga Mantra

BY Asif

Salina Taqi, founder of The Ultimate Detox, Salina Cosmetics and YogaX talks to us about her yoga jouney, inner peace and much more.

How and when did you start to teach yoga? 

I completed my first teacher training from Singapore in May 2008 and moved to Pakistan in 2009 and started teaching upon the request of my friend. The next thing I knew I had twenty new clients which led me into finding a studio space and that is when I started taking my passion as a serious profession.

How long have you been practicing yoga for?  

It has been 12 years now.

What led you on this journey? 

The recession played a huge role along with the strong desire to heal my heart & overcome my anxiety is when my journey really started.

What type of yoga do you teach? 

I teach yoga basics along with yoga flow, restorative yoga, yin yang yoga & hot yoga. My favorite class to teach is yin yang yoga though! 

What do you prefer about this particular form of yoga? 

I love yin yang yoga because it’s the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. One leaves the room feeling rejuvenated and balanced. 

How do you want your students to feel after a practice session with you? 

I want them to feel connected and safe within their body & mind. My main aim is to assure my students that they recognize that peace lies within them. As the famous saying goes “if you do not go within, then you go without” – I basically structure my classes as such that the yogi is required to go within. 

What can one gain from yoga? 

Peace & freedom! It helps in identification of oneself that they are beyond mind & emotions.

What impact has yoga had on your life? 

It has changed my life completely. Yoga has turned me into a calm and a patient person. I used to be very reactive; yoga practice has helped me organize my inner world and bought me closer to my real self.

Who were you before you started practicing and how have you evolved overtime?

 I used to be very reactive, highly emotional and very highly strung. And somehow was never able to understand myself. Now there is a deeper understanding. Yoga has managed to bring some much needed stillness in my life.

Tell us a little about the struggles you faced in your yoga journey.

Biggest struggle I faced was not to be too hard on myself. My ego wanted to me to achieve all these fancy poses, so I would push my body and in doing so experienced major injuries. After recovery I have realized that it’s not what a pose looks like, it’s how it makes you feel.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on their yoga journey? 

It’s the best journey of one’s life! To simply put yoga is pure magic. Once you start practicing you’ll feel the difference it makes to your life.