FashionTrends 11.12.2021

The Top 9 Bold Fall Makeup Trends to Try This Season!

BY paperazzi

The leaves are turning colors, and the hottest fall makeup trends are, too! Gone are the days of this summer’s no-makeup makeup looks. Style leaders are going bold this season, from brows to eyes to lips.

Keeping makeup light for the summer makes a lot of sense. With heat and humidity being a given every time you step outside in some parts of the world, it seems pointless to spend an hour on a full face that you may end up sweating off. But now that the weather is cooler, it’s time to experiment! You won’t have to worry about the heat as you apply these electrifying looks.

Makeup looks are still trending more natural than the baked-on full-face glam looks of the mid-2010’s. Highlighting individual features—a bold brow or a bold lip—is a great way to turn up the volume without going overboard.

Don’t get us wrong—we do still appreciate a good full beat, but for everyday looks, letting your skin breathe a bit can be a great feeling. Try a tinted moisturizer with a concealer for undereye bags, red spots, and blemishes, and build the rest of your look from there.

We turned to beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists as well as makeup lovers who share their looks on social media to scout for these trends.

Below are our nine favorites. We hope you enjoy!

1. Burgundy Lip

Going with a deep lip for the fall has been a go-to for many style icons for several autumns now, and this year is no exception. Something about the deep red screams warm-and-cozy. Here, Megan Fox rocks a cool tone burgundy lip and keeps the rest of her look light and simple to let the bold lip pop.

2. Bright, Lifted Blush

This in-from-the-cold look lifts the cheekbones and makes for a more youthful, energized appearance. Apply blush higher up the cheekbones than you think, and pair with a fire-engine red lip and a simple eye look for an updated take on a classic.

3. Terracotta Eyes

Warm oranges have been all the rage lately. The Naked Petite Heat Palette offers the perfect tones for achieving a look so warm you would swear it’s still summer. Whether you go for a more graphic look like this one or a more subtle, blended look, you’re sure to catch some eyes in this sweet terracotta color.

4. Soapy, Feathered Brows

As you’ll notice in most of these trend-spotting pictures, nearly everybody is rocking a slightly different brow look than the ones we’ve see in previous years. Trendsetters are going for an enhanced natural look, with the brows brushed upwards and gelled to stay that way. Though big, natural brows have been in for a while, you’ll notice that you can see each individual brow hair, a departure from other blocky brow looks.

5. Full Wispy Lashes

One of the best ways to complement any of the looks on this list are with a beautiful set of wispy lashes, like this set from Vibrantz Cosmetics. Full lashes draw attention to the eyes and define the upper line of the eye while making the eyes look larger and more doe-like. Whether the rest of the look is neutral or avant-garde, you can never go wrong by polishing off your look with a lovely set of lashes.

6. Reverse Foxy Eye

Move over, cat eye. The foxy eye is here. By applying a dark winged eyeliner on the undereye line, you’ll achieve this sultry look. The secret: smudging out the line so it blends seamlessly into the rest of the look. It’s the perfect combination of understated and dramatic.

7. Double Graphic Eyeliner

Bold, graphic eyeliner isn’t just for editorial magazine pieces anymore. Makeup lovers all over the world are bringing this exciting new trend to the streets and rocking it during the day and at night. You’ll need a steady hand to achieve this look. Whether you stick with traditional black and white liners or branch out and experiment with bold teals, magentas, and neons, you’ll turn heads as you walk by.

8. Lilac Eyeshadow

If mint green was the color of the summer, lilac is vying for the spot for the color of the fall. This beautiful hue might remind us of spring, so it brings some much-needed vibrancy to the fall months as they start to get dreary. Pairing a pop of bright lavender lilac eyeshadow with a nude lip will bring out your eyes like crazy. Trust us.

9. Black Waterline Liner

The mid-2000s called, and they want their eyeliner back! We’ve missed you, waterline eyeliner. They mean it when they call it the waterline because you might just tear up a little bit as you apply pencil liner to your upper and lower waterlines. But don’t fret! This look is so daring and intriguing that you’ll feel powerful while stepping out.

When choosing a bold makeup trend to try this fall, consider your outfit for the day. Sometimes, pairing a bold eye looks, like the double graphic eyeliner, with a simple outfit made up of mostly staples and basics, can make hitting the streets in a look outside of your comfort zone easier.

You could also try pairing your lilac or terracotta eyeshadow looks with a lilac or terracotta monochrome outfit for a chic, high-fashion vibe. Once you start letting your wardrobe and your styling work together, you’ll be in heaven. We also recommend Vibrantz Cosmetics eyelashes and their products for makeup.

Just a reminder: Take good care of your skin as the air turns colder. Especially dry skin types should maintain a cleansing and moisturizing routine that allows your skin to maintain the same health you enjoyed when the humidity helped keep your skin hydrated. And as always, drink plenty of water!