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The Most Popular Cheese dishes from around the Globe

BY Asif

Cheese, the most beloved food staple out there. It just stands out with its unique texture, distinct flavor and impressionable aroma, and let us not forget its melting tendencies. In fact, cheese is something that is universally loved – from France to the Sub-Continent, cheese is a language that everyone understands, loves and enjoys.

Cheese might be universal but in every part of the world, a unique savor and essence is found to it. A variation that is distinguishable from culture to culture and through the dishes that are prepared natively. Hence, we have rounded up our favorite and the most popular cheese dishes from around the world. Easy, cheesy, traditionally popular dishes that you can try making at home also.

Khachapuri, Georgia

Khachapuri is a Georgian dish, quite popular and much loved.  Best described as – A bread bowl filled with cheese and topped with egg. Georgians classically make this savory pastry with a blend of Imeruli and Sulguni cheese.  However, a balanced mixture of low moisture Mozzarella and strong, sharp Feta gets you very close to the traditional version.

Khachapuri Recipe:

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Halloumi, Cyprus

Halloumi has become quite popular outside Cyprus.  A cheese with a high melting point, it is often eaten on its own. It can be grilled or fried, and with its chewy texture, it is commonly considered a substitute for chicken. Halloumi can be used in salads, subs, can be made into fries etc.

Fried Halloumi Recipe:

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Panzerotti, Italy

Comparable to a Calzone, a Panzerotto is a common Italian dish that’s dough is stuffed with Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. The only difference between the two is that Calzones are oven-baked, while Panzerottes are fried.

Fried Halloumi Recipe:

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Kumru, Turkey

Kumru, also known as Turkish grilled cheese sandwich, is a popular street food in Turkey.  A sub made from artisanal bread filled with kaşar cheese (can be substituted with Cheddar, Mozzarella and sometimes even Feta), spicy sausage known as sujuk, along with tomatoes. Other modern variations include pickles, red pepper flakes, other types of cured meat. An easy to make, spicy sandwich for all.

Kumru Recipe:

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Labneh, Middle East

A popular, thick spread, made with Greek Yogurt – It is quite frequently eaten in Middle East most commonly with pita bread or made into cheese balls.

Labneh Recipe:

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Saag PaneerCottage, Sub-continent Region

And of course, let’s not forget the classic Indo-Pak dish – Saag Paneer. Diced paneer or cottage cheese is soaked in a creamy mixture of fresh leafy greens, also known by the name of Saag. It is typically made with mustard, fenugreek, spinach, bathua, or collard greens, crushed and unified with tomatoes and a rich spice blend.

Saag Paneer/Cottage Recipe:

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Enchiladas, Mexico

Originated in Mexico, this dish is loved in all parts of the world. Enchiladas are saucy tortillas stuffed with meat of your choice and different cheese and topped with spicy chile sauce.

Enchilada Recipe:

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To all the cheese lovers, thank us later!