Health & FitnessLifestyle 24.08.2020

Staying Healthy in Quarantine

BY Aymen Subhani | Consultant Dietitian and a Nutritionist | Instagram: @livingwellwithaymen

Since, due to being confined at our homes, we all have gained weight. It gets very overwhelming and stressful when we don’t know what to do. Before social distancing we were hitting the gyms for hours but now there’s little to no exercise.

Follow these 5 simple tips to stay healthy during quarantine.

Eating Mindfully:

I recommend all my clients to practice mindful eating whether they are trying to lose weight or not. This helps you control your craving and improve your eating habits.

First you need to learn when you’re actually hungry or are simply seeking food because you’re bored. Journal; how certain food makes you feel. Enjoy the food in front of you. Take your time chewing it, set your meal time table and have no distractions while eating.

Eat colorful fruits and vegetables to ensure that your body’s nutrients requirement is fulfilled which in turn make sure that your immune system is strong.

To quench your cravings, eat plenty of water daily. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses per day unless you’ve got a health condition that requires you less water intake. Water is important for all your body’s organs, their functions and is also good for keeping your skin clean and fresh!

Eat more protein and fiber rich diet as it keeps you satiated for longer and you don’t get snacky.

Protein sources are oats, quinoa, chicken, beef, mutton, beans, lentils et cetera. Fiber sources include grains, fruits and veggies with skin and pulp, psyllium husk et cetera.


As much as I understand that you cannot exercise as gyms are closed, you can always do exercise at home! And if you cannot do alone, ask someone at home to jump in with you or join a group virtual exercise coaching classes and have the motivation to exercise you so eagerly needed.

And if none of those work for you, run up and down the stairs.

Managing Stress

Managing your stress is as important as eating food. Stress can disrupt all your normal day to day activities and actually make you feel unhappy. It also has a drastic impact on one’s gut health. Too much stress all hinders in the nutrients absorption leaving your body low on many important micronutrients needed for the body to build up its immune system.

For some, stress makes them lose their appetite and for others it’s a bit different. They seek comfort in food and they stress eat.

How can one manage the stress? Well it’s different for everyone. Some like to listen to music, some like to stroll in a park, or read books, cook, garden, talk et cetera. Do what works for you and fix the thing bothering you so it does not lead you to long term chronic stress i.e. depression.

Work on a side project:

Keep yourself busy and occupied by working on a side business or hobby. You have got tons of free time on your hand so start utilizing that and do what you always wanted to do!

Writing a book or finishing a good novel, writing for your blog building play house for your children or learning different dishes or makeup online.

Seek help

Seek medical help if you think you have developed any of the Covid-19 symptoms, so that way you can not only protect yourself by an early diagnosis but also your loved ones and many people around you.