Health & FitnessLifestyle 27.03.2020

Social Distancing Can Be Fun!

BY Asif

Are you stuck in isolation during this lockdown with not much to do? Are you tired of working from home but then also not knowing when to end your work day because you just have to sit at home and rot anyway so why not do something productive instead like some MORE work?!

Well, we are here to get you rid of your quarantine blues, if there were any that is, and help you sort out your life with less Netflix and Chill and more Productivity and Unwind.

For starters, get cooking! There are so many recipes available online these days so make use of the World Wide Web and get your hands dirty in the kitchen. And if this means a short (but sanitized) trip to the grocery store, then make use of it. Do remember to stay 6 feet away from people though!

Complete a puzzle. Don’t let the number of pieces frighten you; the more pieces the better! You could even have the kids in the house help join in for double the fun.

Read. Reading a book will help you dive into another world for a bit. So why not get out of this self-isolation period and delve into a book you have been meaning to read but has been lying idle on your shelf for months instead.

Meditate. Now is the time to get on your yoga mat, and spend some time focused on simply breathing. You won’t always have this much time to completely relax ever again, so just take it all in, inhale and exhale and calm your thoughts.

Lastly, make a list of things you are forever grateful for. Although being in quarantine mode can sometimes suck, it isn’t all that bad and we want you to sit with pen and paper and write down what you are grateful for today, tomorrow and every day.