Boss LadyFeatures 07.04.2020

Skin care first, makeup second!

BY Asif

Dr. Madiha Rao is a dermatologist, a yogi, a wife and a mother. She has a clinic by the name of UltraDerm by Dr. Madiha Rao and she is Lahore’s most well known dermatologist and skin specialist. All of the top models and socialites are her clients and her work is amazing.

Did you stumble upon your career or was it something that you always wanted?
Well, I think I have always known what I wanted to do. To make the world a beautiful and better place. Being a dermatologist helps me do that. I am able to make my clients happy and feel good about themselves, which makes me feel good.

What was your “aha!” moment?
I always wanted to do medicine and aesthetics but my aha moment was when I realized that I can bring joy and happiness in people’s lives and there was no looking back. The feeling you get after giving something that your clients want is just unexplainable.

Did you ever consider or experience a career change?
Never! I love my job and my job loves me. You should be passionate about what you want to do if you love what you do you won’t feel like you’re waking up every day for a job.

When was time you felt completely discouraged and how did you push through it?
I would never allow myself to fall. Alhamdulilah never had a negative moment in my life. I can always cross fire in search of greener pastures ahead. Always be positive, then you will attract positivity.

What was the best advice that your mentor gave you?
The best advice given to me was gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude.

What are the top 3 things you cherish in your life?
Life itself is to be cherished. However, my top ones are health, family and friends.

What is #1 thing that is yet to be ticked off your bucket list?
Oh, that would be swimming with dolphins. Its always been a dream.

What does nobody tell you about being the boss?
A boss is not born; it’s made out of hard work. In order to be successful, you need to work your way up. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Name on boss lady that you admire and how she still inspires you?
Benazir Bhutto, her courage and strength amd her style.

Describe a day in your life.
My day includes getting up early in the morning, working out, having my simple home cooked food and the best part of my day is getting to see my patients, treating them and thanking God for a bright and busy day.

Complete this sentence: To me, a #BossLady is…”
To be a boss lady is one who aims for the galaxy not the stars.

What did you learn from your biggest failure?
There is no success without failure. It is a part of success. In order to rise you have to fail a few times and then learn from your mistakes.

Which world leader would you most like to have dinner with?
Of course none other than Imran Khan.

What advice would you give to young girls out there who have dreams and goals like yours?
Be creative and not perfect – do the best job you can. Make it a life you always wanted to live.