Health & FitnessLifestyle 12.05.2020

Ramadan in Quarantine

BY Asif

With businesses, workplaces, and schools already been shut down for weeks, having everyone in the house during Ramadan can be a little challenging, especially for the children. It is vital not only to maintain our physical health at this time, but our mental health as well. here are some ways to handle this challenge:

If you are feeling overwhelmed, take some moments to lower your gaze and raise your hands in Dua to ease your hardship. In particular, Duas are vital in easing stress and anxiety during these difficult times.

Count Your Blessings:
This month one needs to count their blessings. As much hardship and suffering there is in the world around us, there is still so much to be thankful for. You are tremendously blessed in every way, so be safe, healthy, and spend lots of time with your families, making memories to last a lifetime.

Connect with family and friends – remotely
Can’t hang out with your friends and family during this period of social distancing? Connect with them over a FaceTime call. Can’t go out for Iftar or Sehri as you do every Ramadan? Set a call with your friends for Iftar or even Sehri, and share conversations as you normally would over these meals!

Look forward to Eid
Although Eid may be a little different this time around, one of the ways to prevent spiraling into pessimism and sadness is to give yourself something to look forward to. At this moment, let that be the arrival of Eid in a few weeks, and the passing of the month of spiritual blessings and growth.

Let this be the month you finish the entire Quran
Many of us no longer have a commute or the exhaustion of an office, so use that as time to read the Quran. You can even split it in half and share the responsibility with someone or use Google Hangouts (or any virtual meeting platform), to do it with your friends or family.

Taraweeh at home
Just because taraweeh is no longer being held in large gatherings, doesn’t mean we lose our nights of prayer. If you don’t have family members around to pray taraweeh at home with, pray on your own!

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Ramadan!