Planes Trains & ...Travel 12.05.2020

Rabab Hashim, Australia

BY Asif

Where did you choose to go and why?

I went to Australia; Sydney and Melbourne. I went there for work, as the Brand Ambassador for Moneygram for Pakistan I had to attend the women’s T20 final and also attend a meet and greet on International Women’s Day that was also organized by the brand.

Tell us the most delicious meal you tried

Melbourne is big on really nice, independent coffee shops with really fancy coffee options and a nice environment. Plus the dessert options are phenomenal in Australia. So I think out of everything I enjoyed the dessert and the coffee the most while there.

Tell us the most exciting thing you did during your trip?

Since it was a work trip, the most exciting thing was independently exploring the whole city, which I did. I walked through Melbourne, tried all the small coffee shops, and explored some of their local brands. This was more of a relaxed trip and it was exciting on the whole.

In Sydney I focused on the beaches. I checked out most of the outdoor spots because Sydney is more of the outdoorsy city, and has a very strong beach culture.

I think both the cities have a different vibe about them and they were exciting in their own different ways.