Editor's PickOpinion 12.04.2020

Quarantine Diaries!

BY Asif

we asked some people what hobbies they’ve discovered while being in lockdown. here’s what they had to say...

Playing Ludo with parents! – Aamir Mazhar

Painting – Tajwar Chaudhry

“Cooking & baking. “- Haddiya Aazer

“Love for baking and cooking “ – Hira Khan Shahraiz

“A hobby that I’ve discovered is making makeup tutorials.” – Mashaal Malik

Being artsy! – Rima Farid

“Polishing my cooking skills! “ – Salwa Gardezi

“Drawing new embroidery patterns that hopefully will come to life when we resume work again! “ – Sara Shahid

“Baking and colouring for grown ups! “- Seyham Vahidy

‘If you are not using this time to rest, reset and prioritize your purpose and people in your life, you are wasting an opportunity you may never get again. If you are feeling otherwise, look within yourself and ask yourself why” #theawakeninglight – Sahar Noon